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Country Guides

From Germany to Singapore, discover the top strategies for onboarding and compensating your remote workforce.

Find out the best way to hire and pay global employees, in any country around the world, with our detailed country guides. In each guide, we consider each of the topics set out below. 

1. How to hire with an Employer of Record (EOR) in each country

EOR services enable international companies to expand into new countries and onboard local talent, without the need to set up a local subsidiary. The EOR becomes responsible for hiring, onboarding and paying a distribiuted team, leaving the client company space to focus on their core business. This saves businesses time and money, and guarantees compliance with tax and labor laws. Find out:

  • The benefits and potential downsides of an EOR solution in every country 
  • How EOR is regulated in each country. For example, EORs in Australia, France or Germany may need special registration to operate their EOR service
  • Which EORs have a presence in each country, and how they differ from each other in the services they provide
  • Which EORs are considered the best EORs in that country by our unbiased reviewers. 

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2. How to hire with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in each country

A similar HR solution to EOR, a PEO becomes the co-employer of your overseas workforce. This means the PEO takes over compliance and administrative responsibilities, leaving client companies free to focus on their core business operations. 

Most leading employers of record, such as Horizons, Deel, Remote and Skuad provide PEO services as well as EOR services. Find out: 

  • The pros and cons of a PEO solution in each global location
  • How PEO is regulated in each country. For example, in the United States, companies often need to be registered as a PEO in a state to operate there
  • Which PEOs have a presence in each country.
  • Which PEOs are considered the leading PEOs in that country, as assessed by our unbiased reviewers. 

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3. How to get help obtaining work visas in each country 

When expanding overseas, local talent may not be enough. If you want to bring in international professionals as well, you will usually need to sort out work visas for those employees.

In our visa guides, for each country, we explain: 

  • The different types of work visa offered in that country 
  • The different requirements for each work visa
  • The application process and processing times
  • The key documentation required for each visa. 

For information about digital nomad visas specifically, see our ultimate digital nomad visa guide where we list every country in the world that has a digital nomad or remote work visa.