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Top PEO software solutions

  • Best International PEO Software — Horizons 
  • Best for Flexibility in Benefits — ADP TotalSource
  • Best Combined PEO and HRIS — Rippling
  • Best PEO Software for HR Partners — PrismHR
  • Best PEO Software for Tech Hiring — Skuad
  • Best for Payments Flexibility — Multiplier
  • Best PEO Software for Add-On Services — ExtensisHR
  • Best Direct EOR Software — Remote
  • Best EOR Software for Small Businesses — Oyster
  • Best PEO Software for Enterprise — Worklio

PEO software solutions can be as varied as the clients using them. To compile this top 10 best PEO software solutions list, we chose an eclectic list of providers who are all strong performers in their category. Most focus on international remote teams, some are relative newcomers to the field, others are well-established nationwide PEOs who have added software solutions and global services to their offerings. Finally, two, PrismaHR and Worklio, offer APIs aimed at enterprise service providers who wish to add PEO or HR software platforms to their own service.

How we chose the top PEO software solutions

A PEO, or ‘Professional Employer Organization” is a specialized HR company that becomes the co-employer of a workforce alongside a client company. In this role, the PEO takes care of payroll, employment taxes, benefits administration, and other HR matters. The client company remains the “worksite employer” or “operational employer,” and continues to oversee employees on a day-to-day basis.

First coming to prominence in the late 1960s (in their earlier incarnation as an ‘employee leasing company‘), PEOs originally carried out their tasks manually, but now this is generally carried out through some form of PEO software. 

There are many different PEO software solutions available, and the best one for a particular business depends on its specific needs and the countries where it plans to hire. The key features we look at are: 

  • The user interface — is the PEO software intuitive and easy to use?
  • What services are offered through the platform?
  • What is the price? 
  • Does the platform meet high standards for security and compliance?

After conducting a thorough review of numerous PEO software providers, we have compiled a list of the top 10 PEO software solutions for 2023.

What’s the difference between PEO software and EOR software?

It can be somewhat confusing that the terms ‘PEO’ and ‘EOR’ are used inconsistently within the HR industry. Some companies prefer to use the term ‘PEO’, and others the term ‘EOR’, even if their services appear very similar. In general, however: 

  • A PEO is a company that operates as a co-employer, taking care of employee payroll and benefits. The PEO may not always be the sole legal employer of a workforce  
  • An EOR, or ‘Employer of Record’ becomes the legal employer for a workforce
  • A global PEO offers co-employment services around the world, and often additional services such as contractor hire, recruitment and HR consulting
  • A global EOR acts as the legal employer for professionals around the world. Often, global employment companies use the terms ‘global PEO’ and ‘global EOR’ interchangeably. 

As the terms are so often used to mean the same or similar service provision, this top 10 review covers both companies that market their software as ‘PEO software’ or a ‘PEO platform’, and companies that market it as ‘EOR software’ or an ‘EOR platform’. 

To read more about the difference between PEO and EOR solutions check out PEO vs EOR — Key Differences and Full Comparison.


1. Horizons 

Horizons (also known as ‘New Horizons Global Partners’), is an international PEO software solution providing compliant employee onboarding, payroll and compliance in 185+ countries. 

Key features

Key features of the Horizons platform include: 

  • Employee onboarding —  hire employees anywhere in the world at the click of a button
  • Employee data management — maintain an overview of employee personal and payment data at any time
  • Simple payroll — pay employees in any location, and in multiple currencies with just one click. 

All actions can be carried out easily from the intuitive client dashboard. 


Pricing starts at $299 per employee, per month. 


  • International coverage — through the one platform, Horizons enables client companies to hire and pay employees in 185+ countries
  • Easy benefits administration — with leave approvals and other benefits easily managed 
  • HR and payroll reports, providing decision-makers with the information they need
  • Flexible payment options, including easy one-off payments and bonuses. 


Horizons does not currently have an on-platform payroll processing-only option for companies that do not need a PEO service. This capability is currently in development, however. 

Our verdict

With a market-leading platform and accompanying app, Horizons is an excellent choice for companies needing an international PEO software solution: Through the Horizons platform, you can hire and pay employees in any country in the world, with ease. 

Read our comprehensive review of Horizons in our 2023 Horizons global PEO review


2. ADP TotalSource

ADP TotalSource is a PEO solution aimed at smaller companies, and ADP Workforce Now is the accompanying cloud software solution. As one of the largest PEO and payroll companies in the world, ADP offers a flexible array of benefits packages, and a highly sophisticated PEO platform. 

Key features

As one of the world’s largest PEOs, ADP also brings a powerful PEO software solution to the market. ADP TotalSource is the company’s prime offering for small to mid-sized companies, with software services provided through the ADP Workforce Now technology suite. Key features include: 

  • Versions for multiple systems — Workforce Now is a cloud-based platform for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android for managing the HR administration tools that come with the TotalSource package
  • Integrations — it allows for streamlining and automating processes such as onboarding, real-time data insights and analysis, integration with other software systems, as well as enhanced security features
  • An intuitive employee portal, allowing for time tracking, review of paystubs and benefits packages, viewing schedules, and requesting time off.


Pricing is available by quote upon contacting ADP. 


  • Large choice of benefits providers — you can work with multiple benefits packages in the ADP PEO solution, unlike some other providers which only allow business to work with one provider
  • Unified, user-friendly system for many HR tools
  • Simple employee info updates


Pricing is not published on the ADP website, making it hard to compare ADP’s offerings with others without first contacting the company. 

Our Verdict

Unlike smaller PEOs, ADP is able to provide insurance and benefits packages from multiple large providers. ADP is also able to provide expert support on a wide range of HR, benefits, tax, and workplace issues. These benefits alone may be enough to make ADP TotalSource the first choice for many companies. Pricing is only available by appointment, however, and the service may not be the most economical for the needs of every business.


3. Rippling

Rippling is a tech-first PEO platform and Human Resource Information System (HRIS), which arguably provides the broadest range of HR add-on services on the planet. Rippling is an excellent choice for companies that seek to scale up their HR outsourcing needs on an as-needed basis. 

Key features

Rippling offers a suite of features that can be purchased as individual services, or all together as one complete solution. It offers national and international payroll processing and tax filing, HR admin services, ACA and COBRA administration, device and corporate credit card management, global PEO services, and more.


Prices start from $8 per employee, per month, with the full cost depending on the number of different PEO and HR services chosen. 


  • Flexible, customizable system
  • Automated workflows — extensive integrations mean that you can easily trigger a data change across your entire business dataset from one app or service
  • Extensive tools for remote teams
  • Large library of add-ons


As Rippling software is paid for on a per-module basis, the service can get costly when adding additional modules. 

Our verdict

The customization offered by Rippling will be a perfect fit for companies that want to try out a range of services or are simply looking for a fully outsourced HR solution. For companies that already have an international remote workforce, Rippling can help consolidate processes and workflows, saving valuable time at the home office.

To learn more about Rippling check out our 2023 Rippling Review


4. PrismHR

PrismHR is a dedicated platform for PEOs, ASOs and other HR outsourcing providers. This is an excellent option for existing PEOs who lack their own in-house infrastructure and seek a well-regarded business partner. 

Key features

PrismHR is a cloud-based software solution for PEOs and Administrative Services Organizations (ASOs). The system is well-designed, user-friendly, and provides HR administration, benefits enrollment, onboarding, payroll, financial and HR sporting, HR administration, time and attendance tracking, as well as an employee portal. It also includes ClientSpace, a CRM for PEOs and ASOs that organizes sales leads, helps automates the pricing of complex PEO packages, improves customer service response times,  and tracks workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. Additionally, PrismHR helps their clients stay on top of changes in compliance and regulations, and reduce their own staffing costs with automated processes. PrismHR has 20 years of experience in the business, with over 80,000 organizations using its system.


Pricing for PrismHR’s human resources software is a combination of a base cost by software module, with a PEPM (per employee per month) component. Specific prices are not listed on the site.


  • All-in-one software solution for PEOs looking to upgrade their services
  • Well-established company in the PEO space.


As a turnkey solution, PrismHR means less control or customization than developing software in-house.

Our verdict

For smaller, regional PEOs trying to compete with large national or global providers, PrismHR software will provide a powerful advantage. Though developing a new system in-house may be more flexible, it is too time and resource-consuming for smaller PEOs that want to stay focused on their regional or industry-specific market. PrismHR will allow these PEOs to continue to provide the local and insider knowledge that they already excel at, while also offering a software portal that can match those provided by national and international companies.


5. Skuad

Skuad PEO software is a global PEO software platform, with a deep niche focus on software engineering and IT hiring. Skuad is a top choice for businesses in need of software to support their engineering hire. 

Key features

Skuad focuses on global PEO services for international teams. Its PEO software solution helps employers stay compliant by providing international employment contracts, assisting with work permits, and processing payroll in accordance with local tax and benefits regulations. Skuad brings PEO and HR administration services together in one platform and allows payments in local currencies in over 160 countries.


Employer of Record solutions starting at $199 per employee, per month; contractor hire starting at $19 per contractor per month. 


  • Basic monthly pricing with add-ons for more services
  • Free HR and legal consultation
  • Customizable systems integration, payroll and benefits management, and reporting.


  • Contractor processing requires a custom package
  • No recruitment feature.

Our verdict

For startups who know what positions they need to fill and where to find them, Skuad can help them by simplifying onboarding and quickly setting up a global, compliant workforce. Due to its subject matter expertise, it is particularly helpful for those hiring in the tech space. 


6. Multiplier

Multiplier is a top global PEO SaaS which is simple to use, and offers excellent payments flexibility for global teams. 

Key features

Multiplier is a simple, easy-to-use PEO software solution that focuses on international hiring. It provides a unified platform where employers can quickly review all employee and freelancer contracts, requests for leave, payments, and invoices. All employees and contractors can be paid with a single click-through invoice, even when using multiple currencies. 


Prices start at $300 per employee per month, and $40 per contractor per month. 


  • Easy-to-use system
  • Employees and contractors covered in 150+ countries
  • Cryptocurrency payments and other flexible payment options are supported to help pay employees in the method of their choosing. 


Multiplier does not currently appear to offer recruitment services, and some of the other HR features that some international PEO platforms provide. 

Our verdict

Multiplier stands out for its simplicity: Little training is needed for the system, allowing a small team at the home office to manage employees and contractors around the globe quickly and easily. For companies who are happy to do their own recruiting and want a system that will not put too much strain on the home office, Multiplier is a great choice.

Learn more about the unique features of Multiplier’s software solution in our 2023 Multiplier review


7. ExtensisHR

ExtensisHR provides full-service PEO software, covering a range of additional HR modules that other PEO software fail to provide through the ‘Work Anywhere‘ platform. Started in 1997, and with IRS-certified PEO status, Extensis HR is a long-trusted partner for PEO software. 

Key features

ExtensisHR provides all of the standard PEO software services like payroll processing, support with compliance and tax filing, HR tools, and benefits administration, but with some useful additions through the ‘Work Anywhere’ platform.

Work Anywhere is a suite of cloud-based services including the: 

  • Performance Cloud for tracking and synchronizing goals and performance
  • Knowledge Cloud to help train HR teams and and teach updated compliance courses
  • Recruiting Crowd for automated job posting, and the HR cloud with automated workflows for more seamless internal admin.


ExtensisHR does not currently list its pricing on its website, with customized pricing available by quote. 


  • PEO Premier — an advanced PEO package providing personalized HR advice with a dedicated account manager
  • Extensive add on HR modules — upskilling, recruitment, performance tracking, and other extensive HR services available
  • An HRO solution, for companies that do not need a full PEO solution. 


Currently only offers benefits via one insurance provider, lacking the flexibility of some other options. 

Our Verdict

ExtensisHR with Work Anywhere is a great system for companies that want a solution that goes beyond HR administration and will help improve the communication, productivity, and knowledge base of their teams. The Recruitment Cloud feature will save time spent on hunting for the right new employees, allowing businesses to grow with reduced strain. It also offers something for those that don’t need so many features with payroll processing and PEO services as standalone offerings.


8. Remote

Remote is a leader in international Employer of Record solutions, with state-of-the-art infrastructure to onboard and pay employees anywhere in the world. 

Key features

Remote stands out in the EOR software solutions marketplace for its extremely flexible services. Onboarding and compliance services for international employees and contractors can be paid for on a monthly basis, with a simple fee per employee or contractor. Global payroll processing can be purchased as a standalone package, as can EOR services.


Remote is priced from $599 per employee per month, and $29 per month per contractor. 


  • No mandatory contract lengths
  • Employer of record, contractor management, benefits plans, and global payroll services available a la carte
  • One of the few global EOR software platforms that enables hiring through wholly-owned subsidiaries, commonly referred to as the ‘Direct EOR’ model. 


Does not currently have full international coverage, due to its focus on serving each country through its own legal entities. 

Our verdict

Remote’s flexible and transparent plans can be great for companies with changing or specific needs. An established company with an internal HR team may can use Remote to onboard international contractors. As a company grows and builds its global team, it may sign up for further services with no fear of commitment.


9. Oyster

Oyster (also known as ‘Oyster HR’) is a global Employer of Record SaaS, helping client companies hire employees all over the world. With an intuitive user interface, Oyster is the ideal EOR software for smaller businesses and companies new to global hiring. 

Key features

Oyster is targeted at employers that are new to building remote global teams. The employee cost calculator lets business owners see the total costs of hiring in all countries covered, taking into account average salaries, tax, benefits, and other costs. Since many startups offer equity to sweeten the deal for new hires, Oyster offers an equity assessment tool for employers to learn the risks and benefits of offering stock options to employees in different territories. Beyond that, Oyster even offers free courses to help owners, HR staff, and employees learn the specific skills needed in a distributed work environment.


Pricing starts at $499 per employee per month, and $29 per contractor per month. 


  • Equity compensation options, something that only a few EOR software platforms provide. 
  • Industry-specific support, with Oyster bringing subject matter expertise
  • Real-time insights through Oyster’s extensive reporting capabilities. 


As an international EOR platform, Oyster is somewhat limited in its benefits offerings, with only one in-house health plan available. 

Our verdict

Oyster is a great service for startups new to hiring and managing remote teams. It provides all of the basic onboarding and HR admin tools, but it goes a step further by educating and guiding both employers and employees through the global remote work landscape.  Though there is a less costly contractors-only option, the lack of flexibility in packages and benefits providers may make the service too limited for some businesses.


10. Worklio

Worklio is a fully customizable PEO and HR software solution with the most extensive API set on the market. It is designed for HR and business service providers who seek to add PEO and payroll processing to their offerings. 

Key features

Worklio is a platform for enterprise solution providers who want to add national payroll processing and PEO services to their offerings. The Worklio platform interface can be customized by clients to match their own UI style, branding, and needs of their own client businesses. All payroll payments, garnishments, and payments are handled by Worklio. Worklio also offers a PEO service that end users can switch on or off at any time. 


Worklio provides pricing only by customized quote. 


  • Government contractor payroll processing compliant
  • Tax calculations for all jurisdictions in the US
  • Customizable interface
  • Tools for franchises and large employers.


  • No support for international payroll
  • No HR admin services.

Our verdict

Worklio is a simple way for providers of business services to offer a new suite of services, retain customers longer, increase revenue, and move into the PEO and payroll processing space without becoming PEOs or payroll processing services themselves. With their employer of record service, payroll processing service, and customizable user interface, business services companies anywhere in the country can painlessly add these offerings without needing to build up a new business unit.

Best PEO software solutions in 2023 — our take 

PEOs and EORs, both in the US and internationally, have evolved through the decades from professional service providers to modern tech platforms. Some such as Rippling and ExtensisHR are full HR tech software platforms, with PEO software being an integral part of the service offering.

Others, such as Horizons, Remote, Multiplier and Oyster are international EOR providers who hire and onboard employees anywhere in the world through specialised software. 

Finally software partners, PrismHR and Worklio are not themselves either a PEO or an EOR: Instead they provide the infrastructure that PEOs, EORs and other services businesses can use to hire and pay their workforce. 

Ultimately, the PEO software solution that is best for your business will depend on individual company needs, industry and budget. 


Yes. Many modern PEOs provide their services through a PEO platform or software, paid via a 'Software-as-a-Service' (SaaS) model. 

Sometimes the term 'PEO software' is used in the United States to refer exclusively to software that supports co-employment. Internationally, the terms 'PEO software' and 'EOR software' are used more loosely to cover a variety of international hiring and payment solutions. 

Travis Kliever

Fact checked by Reece Robertson

Travis is a global business development advisor. He has spent the last 14 years supporting business establishment and development in North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. With multiple degrees from the University of Oregon, Travis currently splits his time between the US, and Bali, Indonesia. At RemotePad, Travis writes about remote work, hiring internationally and PEO/EOR business models.