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24 min read

The Best Employer of Record (EOR) for 2023

Best EOR for 2023

The Best EOR Providers – Review Criteria

An EOR provider is an “Employer Of Record”: A specialist HR company that takes over as the legal employer for payroll, employment taxes, benefits administration, and other HR matters. The client company that engages the EOR company still remains the ‘worksite employer’ or ‘operational employer’ and oversees employees on a day-to-day basis. 

Today, the term ‘EOR company’ is usually used to refer to a company that carries out this role internationally. By standing in as the Employer of Record, they allow a company to hire globally without having to set up their own legal entities in the jurisdictions they wish to hire in. For companies building a remote, globally distributed team, EORs can drastically shorten set-up time and reduce costs considerably.

With dozens of options to choose from, choosing the best Employer of Record usually depends upon the particular needs of the business, and which country your business seeks to hire in. Different international EOR companies offer different services and products. Some differentiators between EOR service providers include: 

  • Extent of coverage — some hire only in selected countries
  • A focus on the software/platform side of EOR
  • Add-on services, such as global payroll, contractor payments and visa support
  • Price and pricing model (some charge a fixed fee, others charge a percentage of salary)
  • Integrations and partnerships
  • Level of benefits. 

Based on an extensive review of dozens of EOR service providers, below we offer our assessment of the Top 10 EOR service providers for 2023. 

Best Global EOR

1. Horizons 

Horizons (also known as New Horizons Global Partners) is a truly global Employer of Record, with offices all over the world, and regional headquarters in the United States, Germany and Singapore.

While some international EORs outsource in-country operations to local firms, Horizons is one of the few that retains genuine local expertise in its international offices. Whether hiring in Shanghai, Mumbai or Madrid, local employment experts will be able to advise you on market conditions and local legal issues. 

Key features

Horizons boasts: 

  • Global coverage — with Horizons you can hire in 180+ countries, without the need to set up a local subsidiary
  • The Horizons platform and app, facilitating employee hire, onboarding and payroll anywhere in the world
  • Extensive add-on services, including in-house recruitment, contractor and visa support services. 


Pricing differs by region, but starts at $299 per employee, per month. 


The benefits of choosing Horizons as your global partner include: 

  • Transparent pricing, listed on the Horizons website, from $299 per employee, per month
  • A market-leading hiring platform and app, making it easy to monitor payroll, pay employee bonuses and reimburse expenses. On the basis of this platform, Horizons has been ranked no 1 for PEO software 
  • A full suite of global hiring solutions, including immigration assistance, contractor hire and recruitment, alongside its Employer of Record solution
  • A focus on employee benefits, with health insurance, Horizons Health, providing standard and premium coverage options around the world. 


Horizons doesn’t currently offer a payroll-only solution for companies that already have their own entity or subsidiary. However, Horizons does advise that this solution is in development. 

The Horizons Unique Selling Point (USP)

Horizons stands apart from many EOR competitors in its commitment to local expertise. Many other EOR providers seek to provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution across all countries. Horizons recognize the complexities of international hire with local legal and operational experts ready to advise client companies — in multiple languages. 

Our verdict

Smaller in size than some EOR competitors, Horizons focuses on tailored EOR and HR solutions to suit the needs of client companies wherever they are based. Not satisfied with the general purpose services of some competitors, Horizons goes the extra mile to ensure that international hiring is fully compliant, and makes good business sense for its clients.


Horizons is our pick for the best Global EOR. Read more about why Horizons comes so highly regarded in our comprehensive 2023 Horizons Review.

Best Direct EOR

2. Remote

A relative newcomer to the scene (established 2019), Remote has had perhaps the most meteoric rise of any EOR company, valued at $3 billion as of April 2022.

Remote provides a premium compliance and payroll solution — only providing EOR solutions through its own entities or subsidiaries around the world (This is sometimes known as the ‘Direct EOR’ model). This ensures the maximum degree of control and legal protection for the client company.

Key features

  • Direct EOR — When an employee works through the Remote platform anywhere in the world, they work for Remote directly, not for a contracted local partner. This is known as the ‘Direct EOR’ model. This will be one less potential issue for businesses looking for an EOR partner, as Remote is directly responsible for all compliance issues.
  • Remote API and integrations — Remote is also unique in providing the software that drives their online portal as an API to clients and partners, providing a completely customizable way to integrate the features of the Remote platform into their own enterprise software packages. 

Remote pricing 

A flat fee of $29 per contractor for contractor management and $599 per employee for EOR services. 

Remote pros

  • Maximum client control. As Remote only operates through owned entities, any errors or issues can be resolved directly by Remote, instead of having to work with multiple parties
  • IP and data protection. As all data and client company IP is handled by Remote and its subsidiaries, this reduces the risk of data breach or IP theft that arises from multiple handlers
  • Clear and transparent pricing. Remote charges a flat fee of USD $599 per employee for EOR services, and $29 per employee for contractor management. All prices are clearly identified on the pricing page
  • Customized packages. Payroll and enterprise solutions also available, depending on the needs of your business
  • Automated contract creation. Provide compliant labor contracts at speed 
  • Remote API. Their development team is active in customizing the API to partners’ needs.
  • Supports US payroll and employee benefits through its new collaboration with Gusto known as ‘Gusto Global, powered by Remote‘. 

Remote cons

  • Coverage not universal. As Remote only operates in countries that it owns entities in, it does not provide global EOR coverage. As of March 2023, they advertise EOR services in 70 countries. Note, contractor management services are provided in most locations
  • Prices may be prohibitive for some clients. The flat rate of $599 per employee may be out of the price range of smaller businesses and startups that need cost-effective outsourcing solutions.

Remote’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

By its own admission, the unique selling point for Remote is that it is ‘full stack’ and has built its operations from the ground up: I.e., it does not depend on partners and never has. It owns all its own legal entities, and each component of its platform. This means client companies have the security of just one partner for their international HR needs. 

Our verdict

By owning all of its subsidiaries, Remote provides an extra layer of security and assurance for clients that few providers can match. However, its lack of universal EOR coverage may make Remote less optimal for businesses expanding to more unusual locations, and its pricing may mean it is less attractive to smaller businesses with limited funds. 

Nevertheless, its commitment to client protection, full-service transparency, and customer services make it our pick for the best direct EOR


Find out more in our detailed review of Remote’s EOR solution

Best for Add-On Services

3. G-P (formerly Globalization Partners)

G-P, or ‘Globalization Partners’, founded in 2012, has a well-established reputation as a first-class global EOR company, enabling hire anywhere in the world. G-P is our pick for best full-service global EOR. G-P prides itself on 24/7 customer service, access to genuine local experts, and security measures to safeguard clients’ IP and company data. 

Key features

G-Ps’ EOR solution features a state-of-the-art Global Employment Platform providing everything you need to onboard new employees. The latest version of the platform includes:

  • An employment contract generator — an industry first. Clients can create a compliant employment contract in minutes, for any country in the world
  • Multiple integrations— including UKG, Greenhouse, Hibob, ADP, as well as the G-P open API. This means fast and secure data flow between the G-P Global Employment Platform and other HR software solutions
  • Advanced analytics and reporting, including custom reports and global talent mapping

For those just starting out with international distributed teams, G-P offers two simple services that allow business owners to get their feet wet with minimal commitment:

  • G-P Recruit is a talent search solution run by G-P. Not only does G-P support recruitment, recruitment functionality is built into the Global Employment Platform, enabling a seamless hiring experience
  • G-P Contractor is specifically for hiring contractors with a basic monthly fee per contractor. Includes automated contracting approvals, automated invoicing (monthly or bi-monthly), a digital wallet for direct account payment and full integration with the G-P Global Employment Platform.

G-P (Globalization Partners) pricing 

Pricing for the G-P Contractor starts from US $49 per employee, per month. Prices for the Global Employment Platform and other services are only provided after customers contact G-P.  Third-party sites (which may or may not be correct) report that G-P charges a 15 percent markup on the cost of payroll. 

G-P (Globalization Partners) pros

Advantages of choosing G-P (Globalization Partners) include:

  • High-quality customer support, with 24/7 customer service and access to genuine local experts
  • Valuable add-on services, such as G-P Recruit, and G-P Contractor, fully integrated with and complementing the Global Employment Platform.

G-P (Globalization Partners) cons

Potential disadvantages of G-P (Globalization Partners) include: 

  • Lack of pricing transparency, with only prices for G-P Contractor listed on their website 
  • No payroll-only solution, which means small businesses looking for the generally cheaper payroll processing solution, have to pay for the full EOR solution.

G-P (Globalization Partners) Unique Selling Point (USP)

Strong partnerships, and integration with prominent US PEO, ADP, makes G-P a strong option for North American companies expanding globally.

Our verdict

G-P is a top choice for any business needing a secure, reliable international EOR solution with all the trimmings. Strong in-house expertise and partners, as well as add-on contractor and recruitment expertise means that any company choosing G-P for international hire will be well-served. G-P is our pick for the EOR with the best add-on services.

To learn more, check out our 2023 Globalization Partners (G-P) Review

Best for Global HR

4. Papaya Global

Papaya Global provides international EOR and payroll services in over 180 countries, managing employee hire and payment all over the world with a state-of-the-art platform. Unlike some other global EOR companies, Papaya Global places equal emphasis on global payroll services, as it does on EOR. 

Key features

Papaya Global offers EOR solutions in almost any country through its user-friendly and industry-leading interface. In addition to EOR, Papaya Global offers a comprehensive payroll outsourcing option, as well as visa assistance and immigration support. 

Papaya Global pricing

Papaya Global has completely transparent pricing, with all elements of the service listed in full on their website. Their prices are: 

  • $20 per employee per month for payroll
  • $770 per employee per month for EOR solutions
  • $25 per employee per month for contractor management and IC compliance. 

Papaya Global pros

Benefits of Papaya Global include: 

  • Flexibility — if your operations overseas grow, and you establish your own subsidiary/entity, Papaya Global makes it easy to transition to their global payroll option 
  • The ‘Global Equity’ solution.  Papaya Global is one of the few international EORs that offers strategic equity — stock and stock options — assistance. Papaya can ensure that any equity awards are compliant with often complex local compliance obligations
  • A la Carte options. Papaya isn’t a ‘one size fits all provider’, it offers different packages at different price points to suit the needs of different business types and verticals
  • Transparent pricing. No need to hunt down the answers. Papaya Global has completely transparent pricing ranging from $20 to $770 depending on the service required

Papaya Global cons

Starting from $770 per employee, per month, Papaya Global’s is not the cheapest option available on the market. However, with the additional benefits of using the Papaya platform, many businesses will still save on overall HR costs when choosing Papaya over other competitors. 

Papaya Global’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

Rather than one-size-fits-all, Papaya offers a range of solutions tailored to the needs of the business, as well as their budget.  

Our verdict

Papaya Global is the industry leader when it comes to value-for-money. The client is not forced into a more expensive EOR solution, where payroll outsourcing would be sufficient, for example. For cost-effective solutions, tailored to the needs of your business, Papaya Global is our pick as the best value EOR. To learn more about them, make sure to read our detailed Papaya Global review.


Best for Compliance

5. Deel 

Deel has made its name as a global EOR through a robust set of integrations, partnerships and business relationships creating a customer-friendly EOR service with one of the best HR tech platforms in the business. While founded in only 2018, Deel is another global EOR unicorn and is likely to continue to be one of the best in the business. 

Key features

  • Global coverage — Deel’s EOR solution is available in 150+ countries through a mix of its own entities and partnerships
  • A complete HR solution, Deel offers not just EOR, but contractor and global payroll solutions for clients that would prefer those services.

Deel pricing 

Deel charges $599 per employee per month. 

Deel pros

The pros of working with Deel include:

  • The Deel API and 15+ integrations available. Deel integrates with key accounting packages (such as Xero and Intuit Quickbooks), HR platforms (such as BambooHR) and has a recently announced a partnership with payments platform, Wise
  • Payment flexibility, with more than seven payment methods for contractors and employees, including cryptocurrencies, and 10+ payment methods for clients
  • Compliance and security. Deel offers ‘Deel Shield’ where it assesses workers for their correct classification as an employee or a contractor, and indemnifies the client for any misclassification liability. It is also SOC2- compliant, and runs KYC checks. 

Deel cons

A potential disadvantage of going with Deel is the fact that it offers higher prices than some competitors. At $599 per employee, per month, Deel is relatively expensive compared to some competitors. 

Deel’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

No global EOR provides better compliance assurance and legal protection than Deel. Through ownership of entities, ‘Deel Shield’, and voluntary compliance with a range of security and data standards, no one provides a more secure employee payment platform. 

Our verdict

Deel is now one of the most prominent global EORs, and an excellent choice for businesses who prioritize mitigating any legal or compliance risks. This makes Deel our pick as best EOR for compliance

To learn more about them, make sure to read our detailed Deel review.


Best International Coverage

6. Atlas (Atlas HXM)

Unlike most other global EOR providers, Atlas (also known as ‘Atlas HXM’) is the direct legal employer in every country in which it operates (i.e., it operates only thrown owned entities/subsidiaries — not through partners). In that sense, it is the largest direct EOR in the world. 

Atlas was formerly known as ‘Elements Global Services’ or ‘Elements GS’. 

Key features

  • Global EOR support, with EOR solutions in 160+ countries
  • Specialized industry support. Atlas offers specialized services for businesses in the venture capital, governmental, tech, life sciences, non-profit, financial services, and enterprise sectors, as well as for small and medium businesses in general
  • Additional HR services, such as immigration and relocation services. 

Atlas pricing 

The Atlas pricing page provides that: 

  • Contractor payment solutions start at $49 per contractor per month 
  • EOR solutions start at $595 per employee per month
  • Visa and global mobility sponsorship starts from $2,500. 

Atlas pros

Advantages of engaging Atlas include: 

  • Industry-specific support, where you need an EOR that understands the ins and outs of your specific product or service
  • Legal entities/subsidiaries wholly-owned by Atlas. This means where you operate in the world, you are working directly with Atlas, not another company
  • Additional services, including contractor pay, global payroll and visa assistance
  • Prices for different services on the Atlas website. In addition to prices for EOR and contractor services, pricing for visa assistance and sponsorship is provided. 

Atlas cons

A potential downside of engaging Atlas is the lack of transparency on EOR cost in different countries. The website states that EOR solutions start from $595 per employee, but does not specify how high the prices can go. 

Our verdict

Companies operating in the industries specifically supported by Atlas will see a clear advantage in their focused service.  As the EOR that owns the most subsidiaries/local entities internationally, Atlas is unrivaled if you would prefer to only deal with one EOR partner, anywhere in the world. 

Make sure to read our detailed Atlas review for more information about the best EOR for international coverage.


Best Combined EOR and HR Platform

7. Rippling 

Rippling is a relatively new entrant to the EOR and HRIS (HR Information Systems) market. Rippling boasts an enviable client list, including the likes of Apple, Salesforce and Amazon, and is one of the few EORs that offers a full range of HR solutions: This includes global payroll, contractor and PEO solutions, alongside its EOR service. 

Rippling stands out from the competitors when it comes to add-on services. In addition to PEO and EOR, Rippling takes care of outsourced payroll, tax assistance and provides a variety of employee learning modules.

Key features

Key features of the Rippling EOR solution include: 

  • Comprehensive offerings — Rippling is more than just an EOR. It provides a vast range of additional services including tax compliance, payroll processing, Affordable Care Act (ACA) and COBRA administration, employee learning modules, employee satisfaction surveys, HR reporting and more. 
  • HR analytics and reporting — enabled through Rippling’s strong set of integrations with other HR and financial apps and services
  • Policy creation — Rippling enables companies to instantly generate HR documents, including letters and HR policies. 


Rippling’s pricing starts from USD $11 per employee per month, with each add-on service increasing the price. 

Rippling pros

Benefits for companies who choose Rippling’s EOR services include:

  • A flexible, customizable system — each Rippling add-on solution can be chosen at any time through the online portal. The growing range of HR add-ons makes Rippling one of the most comprehensive global workforce platforms on the market.
  • Fast payroll — Rippling boasts on its website “Run payroll in 90 seconds”.  User reviews on various review sites back this up by consistently identifying Rippling as a particularly fast payroll processor.
  • Configurable automated workflows — Rippling integrates with many other payroll, HR, accounting, and payment apps, allowing users to trigger actions across all systems. For example, Rippling can automatically send a Slack notification to employees, notifying them that payroll is processed.
  • Advanced analytics — based on comprehensive payroll, HR and financial data across its integrated dataset, Rippling allows companies to easily build and visualize any business report they may seek— such as a PTO or a SOC report— through just a few clicks. 

Rippling cons

Potential drawbacks of the Rippling EOR solution include:

  • The price can increase significantly as additional features are added to the service
  • Rippling does not currently have a call center, though it does have a live chat with excellent response times. 

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Rippling’s USP is providing a full global workforce and HR platform: Rippling gathers all employee data in one place, and allows the company to manage its global payroll, EOR employees and contractors all from the one platform. 

Our verdict

Business owners seeking a comprehensive HR solution, make a wise choice with Rippling. Alongside its global EOR services, Rippling provides most of the HR services a company could need, and offers integrations with other providers where it doesn’t directly provide that service. 

Learn more about whether Rippling is the best EOR company for you in our Rippling 2023 review


Best EOR Platform

8. Omnipresent

Omnipresent stands out for the depth and completeness of its global EOR services. They provide a customized onboarding service by interviewing clients and matching their needs with regulatory considerations in the countries they plan on hiring in.

Once employees are hired, Omnipresent will help construct competitive and compliant benefits packages. In payroll processing, Omnipresent helps manage varying pay cycles, mandatory and customary bonuses, taxes, and other issues that vary with each jurisdiction. All of these features and more can be done through Omniplatform, the Omnipresent portal for all of their customized EOR services.

Key features

  • Global coverage, allowing you to hire employees in virtually any country
  • Visa and immigration support and sponsorship in 50 + countries
  • The Omniacademy for online learning, providing support for clients in relation to all matters international hiring. 

Omnipresent pricing

Omnipresent provides no pricing information on its website. 

Omnipresent pros

Benefits of working with Omnipresent include: 

  • A state-of-the-art tech platform, including integrations with 40+ HRIS including BambooHR, ADP and Justworks
  • Employee Sponsorship in 50+ countries (many EORs will support visa processes, but do not directly sponsor employees)
  • High standards for security and privacy. This includes SOC2 Type 1 and GDPR compliance. 

Omnipresent cons

Potential disadvantages of engaging Omnipresent include: 

  • Limited services — Omnipresent does not appear to offer recruiting or contractor services at this time
  • Limited number of subsidiaries/owned entities. This means that when working internationally, you will often be working with another third party, not just Omnipresent directly. 
  • Lack of pricing information on website

Omnipresent Unique Selling Point (USP)

Omnipresent is platform-first. For a state-of-the-art tech platform, fully integrated with the other HR software you use, Omnipresent is a compelling solution

Our verdict

Companies looking for an intuitive software option, assembling and managing their permanent global workforce will love Omnipresent’s depth of service. Newer companies that need help recruiting and hiring more contractors than employees will have their needs more inexpensively fulfilled by an alternative contractor-only service with a recruitment add-on.

With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Omnipresent is our pick for best EOR platform.  To find out more about why the Omnipresent platform provides an excellent global hiring solution, check out our 2023 Omnipresent review


Best for Risk Management

9. Oyster HR

Oyster (also known as ‘Oyster HR’) is a global EOR service which is focused on the customer experience, rather than the EOR model of delivery (i.e., direct vs indirect). It has international coverage (180+ countries) and a comprehensive ‘Direct +’ platform to oversee international employees. 

Key features

  • Oyster EOR coverage, through a network of directly owned entities and vetted partners
  • Additional solutions include contractor payment and multi-country payroll.

Oyster pros

Advantages of Oyster’s EOR services include: 

  • A range of online tools such as a contractor vs full-time employee analyzer, global employment templates  hours, a total cost of employment calculator and a benefits advisor
  • Focus on legal risk. Premium liability coverage, IP protection, multiple insurance options, country-specific legal guidance mean that Oyster has consideration of legal risk built into all its products. 

Oyster cons

Potential disadvantages of partnering with Oyster include the fact that its pricing structure is unclear. While Oyster is less expensive than some competitors (from $399 per employee), it does not state which countries cost that amount, and which countries cost more. It is also worth noting that Oyster does not appear to offer recruitment or visa support services

Oyster’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

Oyster has a strong focus on reducing legal and compliance risk for its clients. For this reason, they provide Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage, and indemnify their clients who are named in suits brought by employees. 

Our verdict

The Oyster toolkit will be loved by data-centric employers who are looking for assistance in setting up their first global remote teams. While the dependence on third-party partners may be a sticking point for businesses that value the stability of a single partner, their emphasis on compliance and reducing legal risk make them a solid choice for many. 

For its emphasis on limiting risk for client companies, Oyster is our pick for best EOR for risk management


Read more about what this EOR company has to offer in our detailed 2023 Oyster HR review


Best for Startups

10. Velocity Global

Velocity Global offers a comprehensive global talent platform, including global Employer of Record, contractor management and visa support services. They cover 185 countries and all 50 United States.

Key features

Velocity Global offers: 

  • International cover, including EOR in 185+ countries and all 50 US states
  • Industry-specific expertise,  including support for the SaaS, cybersecurity, life sciences, nonprofit, venture capital and private equity industries
  • Add-on services including contractor management and immigration assistance.

Velocity Global pricing

Velocity Global provides no pricing information on its website. 

Velocity Global pros

Benefits of Velocity Global include: 

  • Industry-specific support, a good choice for companies for companies with a tech or science focus
  • Complementary services, including merger, acquisition, and divestiture consulting, to help with a broader global expansion. 

Velocity Global cons

A potential disadvantage with Velocity Global is the lack of pricing on its website, making comparison with other providers difficult. Third-party reports suggest that Velocity Global charges on a percentage of payroll, rather than fixed-fee basis. 

Velocity Global’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

Velocity Global provides a complete global expansion ‘ecosystem’, with entity set-up and strategic advice, as well as the traditional EOR solution. It is also one of the very few global EORs that has full US coverage — a real benefit for US-based enterprises. 

Our verdict

Velocity Global provides a premium global expansion and EOR solution, and is a good choice for companies that need full coverage in the US. 

For its emphasis on supporting companies in tech and in the US, Velocity Global is our choice for best EOR for startups.

To find our more about this international hiring partner, read our 2023 review of Velocity Global

Highly recommended EOR companies

The EOR companies we review below also come highly recommended. 

Best for Global Expansion

Safeguard Global

Arguably the first global EOR (founded in 2008), Safeguard Global has grown its EOR solutions, to offer end-to-end HR solutions for businesses working internationally. 

Safeguard Global offers specific services for each step of the global team-building process; a global recruitment service, EOR services for both employees and contractors, international payroll, analytics on clients’ own workforce as well as the international labor market, HR management, international legal entity setup, and accounting services.

Key features

  • Global reach — operates as an EOR In 165+ countries and global payroll services in even more
  • Additional global HR solutions, including global payroll, HR consulting, benefits and performance management, strategic HR planning, company incorporation and accounting services
  • Extensive integrations and partnerships, including Workday, IMB, Trinet and Insperity. 

Safeguard Global pricing

Safeguard Global provides no pricing information on its website. 

Safeguard Global pros

Benefits of working with Safeguard Global include: 

  • Trusted provider. Operating since 2008, with a long record of providing EOR and payroll services internationally, and excellent customer reviews, Safeguard Global does not present the risk that some of the newer operators do. 
  • Global managed payroll. For larger enterprises, or ones that need a more substantial overseas presence, an EOR solution may not be appropriate. With a global payroll service, client companies can outsource their payroll obligations even where they own an entity in that location. 
  • Partnerships with major US PEOs, Trinet and Insperity, means a seamless international expansion for US companies that already use PEO/EOR services within the United States. 

Safeguard Global cons

There is no pricing page on website, making it difficult to compare Safeguard Global to competitors. Unverified user reviews report that pricing is based on a percentage of employee salary with a set minimum fee, and is more expensive than some competitors. 

Safeguard Global Unique Selling Point (USP)

Safeguard Global is the only global EOR that we know of to provide a full suite of global expansion services including HR consulting, accounting and company incorporation services.

Our verdict

Safeguard Global offers a complete global expansion solution.  By supporting recruitment, contractors, accounting services, and international company setup, they go beyond what is offered by many competitors. This array of services to support overseas business growth is why Safeguard Global is our pick for best EOR for global expansion.  


For more information on Safeguard Global’s international expansion and EOR solutions check out our in-depth 2023 Safeguard Global review


Best for Contractors

People2.0 (TCP solutions)

People2.0 (also known as TCP solutions), not only works with companies looking for EOR services for a global workforce, but also with individuals who require immigration and sponsorship assistance and recruitment companies for are supplying businesses with international teams. 

Key features

People2.0 (TCP Solutions) offers: 

  • Employer of Record solutions, allowing for compliant hire employee through more than 100 countries
  • Agent of Record solutions, enabling companies to hire contractors internationally
  • Its own independent contractor classification process for full compliance assurance.

People2.0 (TCP Solutions) pricing

People2.0 (TCP Solutions) does not provide any information on prices on its website. 

People2.0 (TCP Solutions) pros

Advantages of engaging People2.0 (TCP Solutions) include: 

  • Comprehensive independent contractor compliance services, including initial classification, maintenance of an audit defense file, contract administration, invoicing and payments and ongoing risk mitigation 
  • A Europe focus. People2.0 is mainly focused on serving the European market which means it has a deep understanding of compliance and legal obligations on the continent   
  • Specifically targets recruitment agencies and staffing companies — one of the only EOR companies to focus on these industries. 

People2.0 (TCP Solutions) cons

Potential disadvantages of engaging People2.0 (TCP solutions) include:

  • Limited coverage. While coverage is growing, is mainly focused on the European market.
  • No pricing transparency on website, making comparisons with other providers difficult.

People2.0 Unique Selling Point (USP)

Our verdict

A solid option for companies needing an EOR for mainly European coverage. And the best option for any company needing independent contractor management outsourcing


To learn more about People2.0’s offerings, check out our 2023 People2.0 Review


Best for Employee Stock Options


Multiplier, founded in Singapore but with a global footprint, is an easy-to-use tech-first EOR SaaS that takes that simplifies hiring around the world. Its comprehensive platform enables client companies to quickly review all employee and freelancer contracts, requests for leave, payments, and invoices.

All employees and contractors can be paid with a single click-through invoice, even when using multiple currencies.

Key features

  • Hire and pay employees in 150+ countries with the Multiplier global EOR solution
  • A self-service portal for employees — single point for employees to access payslips, review their contracts, track expense requests, bonuses and more
  • The ability to issue Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) to  global employees, in minutes.

Multiplier pricing

With a flat and transparent pricing structure, Multiplier offers a variety of options including $300 per month for EOR, $40 per month for contractor hire and $20 per month for payroll only. 

Multiplier pros

Benefits of engaging Multiplier as a global EOR include: 

  • Their easy-to-use platform, making it easy for client companies and employees alike to check and review employee data and payment matters. Managing time-off requests, reviewing timesheets, and approving employee expenses are a breeze with the Multiplier app
  • Instant contract generation, for fast employee onboarding
  • Contractor and freelancer payment, making it easy to hire and pay contractors anywhere in the world
  • Regional experts, meaning Multiplier are an excellent choice for businesses looking to hire in south-east and south Asia.
  • Cryptocurrency payments are possible, a relatively unusual feature for EORs. 

Multiplier cons

Multiplier is focused on its core solution as a hiring and payments SaaS for international professionals. It stands out for its simplicity and ease of use for employees and client companies alike. But this also means that it lacks some of the services offered by more general HR platforms, such as recruitment and employee training. 

Multiplier Unique Selling Point (USP)

The Mutiplier USP is ESOP administration, allowing businesses to issue Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) to international employees within minutes. Contracts containing ESOP particulars are generated within minutes, while still protecting the power of companies to decide key elements such as Vesting Period, Exercise Price, Plan Rules and Liquidity Terms for themselves. 

Our verdict

Multiplier is an excellent international EOR option for companies that need flexible payment options in multiple countries, especially in Asia. The ESOP offering is an important benefit from startups who wish to provide equity as part of their compensation offering: For this reason, Multiplier is our pick for best EOR for employee stock options.


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Best for Remote Companies  


Remofirst is a relative newcomer to the Global EOR market, focused on providing cost-effective global hiring solutions to remote-first startups and other companies, all over the world. 

Key features

  • Hire employees in over 150+ countries, quickly and at an unbeatable price
  • Onboard contractors and employees alike

Remofirst pricing

With prices starting from $199 per employee, per month, there is no international Employer of Record cheaper than Remofirst. 

Remofirst pros

Benefits of choosing Remofirst include:

  • Competitive pricing from $199 per employee.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive EOR platform, making it easy to onboard and pay employees, and check any issues.
  • Superb customer support with dedicated account managers.

Remofirst cons

Potential drawbacks of going with Remofirst include: 

  • No dedicated payroll outsourcing option
  • Limited integrations compared to some other EORs. 

Remofirst Unique Selling Point (USP)

Remofirst offers many of the benefits of a more expensive EOR (such as a state-of-the-art platform), at a more competitive price. 

Our verdict

Remofirst is an excellent EOR option for budget-conscious startups looking to expand their hiring internationally. 

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Best for Hiring Flexibility  


WorkMotion is a rapidly growing global Employer of Record, with a range of different international hiring options providing unrivalled flexibility for companies expanding overseas. 

Key features

  • Hire employees in over 160+ countries, with either an Employer of Record or direct hiring ‘Work Direct’ solution. 
  • Manage payroll anywhere in the world in over 100 currencies. 

WorkMotion pricing

Prices start from 549€ per employee per month. 

WorkMotion pros

Benefits of choosing WorkMotion include:

  • Hiring flexibility allowing companies to hire through an EOR solution, or directly themselves by registering their branch in a country via ‘WorkDirect’. 
  • A leading EOR platform, making it easy to oversea all overseas employees.
  • Excellent customer support with dedicated customer service specialists.

WorkMotion cons

Potential drawbacks of going with WorkMotion include: 

  • No dedicated payroll outsourcing option
  • It is more expensive than some other options on the market.

WorkMotion Unique Selling Point (USP)

WorkMotion is the only EOR on the market that will support companies to employ their team directly overseas through registering in that market. 

Our verdict

WorkMotion is the leading EOR option for companies that want the flexibility to hire some international employees through an EOR solution and some via branch registration. 

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Most Cost-Effective EOR 


Skuad is a global HR platform, enabling employee hire in 160+ countries. Skuad ensures global compliance through employment agreements generation, work permit support, and handing employment and payroll in a legally compliant manner. 

Key features

  • Hiring and employee payroll in 160+ countries 
  • Contractor payments infrastructure, including contractor payment cards and multiple payment methods (including cryptocurrencies)
  • Employee equity incentive support 
  • Global payroll, for companies who have subsidiaries already and need an outsourced payroll solution.


Skuad’s EOR solution begins at $199 per employee per month. Other solutions are available by customized quote. 

Skuad pros

Benefits of engaging Skuad as an EOR include: 

  • International coverage, enabling hire in 160+ countries
  • Cost-effective global hiring, with EOR solutions beginning at $199, few competitors offer prices as low as Skuad
  • Multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency 
  • Secure IP and invention rights facilitated through triparty IP Assignments
  • Strong compliance protocols, including GDPR and SOC2 compliance. 

Skuad cons 

Focused on hiring solutions and its tech industry specialization, Skuad does not offer as many additional HR services as some providers. For example, it does not provide employee training or background checks, for example. 

Skuad Unique Selling Point (USP)  

Skuad, through its site, its features, and its branding is specialized on supporting the hire and payment of software developers internationally. This is evident, for example, in its strong contractor offerings and extensive payment options. 

Our verdict

Skuad is a cost-effective and efficient global hiring SaaS enabling hire and payment virtually anywhere in the world. Companies looking to hire international software developers should pay especially close attention to Skuad. Skuad is our selection for most cost-effective EOR


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Best for US Coverage

Foothold America

Foothold America is a specialist US Employer of Record and expansion support partner, focused on compliant expansion and hiring for all businesses. In addition to Employer of Record services, Foothold America supports companies with entity establishment and recruitment. 

Key features

  • Employee Management Service, the Foothold America EOR solution ensures compliant hiring and payment throughout the US

  • People Partnership Service (PPS), the solution where Foothold America supports US entity establishment (such as a Delaware corporation) and takes care of hiring and payment on behalf of client companies

  • Recruitment services for international companies that need help to acquire the best talent in the US. 


Foothold America does not provide pricing for its EOR services. It does provide pricing for its entity establishment service — $1,500 — significantly cheaper than the primary competition.

Foothold America pros

Benefits of engaging Foodhold America include: 

  • Deep US market and compliance expertise, unusual for an employer of record
  • Supports hiring for companies that already have a US entity, whereas most EOR companies only support businesses that have not incorporated in that jurisdiction 
  • Additional expansion services, including entity establishment and recruitment, ensuring your company is supported through all elements of US expansion and hiring. 

Foothold America cons 

As the name suggests, Foothold America is focused on EOR services in the United States. Companies that wish to hire employees in other countries will need to consider a global EOR.  

Foothold America Unique Selling Point (USP)  

Foothold America supports US entity establishment. This means that companies can utilize Foothold America throughout different stages of their growth cycle. They can start with an EOR solution and move onto entity establishment if their presence in the US grows big enough to justify it. 

Our verdict

Foothold America provides end-to-end US hiring solutions. Whether you have a US entity or not Foodhold America can handle your hiring journey in the United States. With its capability in every aspect of US recruitment and hiring, Foothold America is our pick for the best EOR for US coverage

Top EOR service providers for 2023 – a final word 

The Employer of Record (EOR) market has never been more vibrant and competitive on an international scale, than it is today. Any businesses interested in hiring and paying employees and contractors internationally should consider carefully the pros and cons of the providers that we have reviewed and choose the EOR company that is best for them. 


An Employer of Record is a company that becomes takes on the legal and administrative responsibilities of an employer, on behalf of client companies. A Global EOR simply does this on an international scale, allowing companies to hire employees and contractors around the globe through the EOR service, rather than attempting to do so directly.


  • 1. Hiring globally in 24 hours. International hiring can be extremely time-consuming. In many cases, local laws require that all employers have a legal entity based in the country, and this process can often take weeks or even months. By contrast, the set-up time for a Global EOR arrangement may be as little as 24 hours in some cases.
  • 2. Saving money vs company incorporation. Traditionally, international expansion would incur high legal and consulting fees even before a single employee was hired, office was opened, or product was sold. When using a Global EOR, all of this work has already been done. It is their job to hire competitive international employees and contractors in compliance with local regulations. Furthermore, many countries set high minimums for foreign investment. By using a Global EOR with established legal entities, this need is eliminated and companies can devote those resources directly towards their projects.
  • 3. Ensuring compliance with foreign labor and tax laws. Since it is the job (and legal responsibility) of a Global EOR to deal with international labor and tax laws, the client is not required to become an expert on these regulations. Furthermore, as Employer of Record, the EOR assumes the legal liabilities associated with employment. 
  • 4. Hiring the most talented staff. There are highly qualified professionals around the globe looking for opportunities that are not available in their local area. Similarly, there are growing companies that have difficulty finding qualified staff in their jurisdictions. Global EORs help to bridge this gap. Employers can now compete in a global marketplace for highly competitive talent in desirable fields such as engineering, programming, content creation, public relations, marketing, design, and more.
  • EOR means some business restrictions compared to a legal entity. Global EOR is a global employment solution. To carry out some other overseas business tasks (such as entering into local contracts and directly accessing some subsidies) a local subsidiary may be required.
  • EOR is not always the most cost-effective option. When hiring freelancers or contractors, it may not be necessary for an international employer to pursue an EOR solution. In many jurisdictions, freelancers can legally be paid on a per-project basis directly by a foreign company. For this reason, many Global EORs provide dedicated contractor support services as well as full EOR options.

Some, but not all, Employers of Record (EOR) support universal employee hire. It is essential to check before signing up with an EOR, that that EOR provides services in every country you think you may seek to hire in. 

Many EORs also have a service supporting your company to hire and pay independent contractors or freelancers. 

There are three main EOR models:

  • The Aggregator model. On this model, the Global EOR enables hiring all over the world through its partnerships with local EORs operating in each individual country. 
  • The Direct EOR model, also known as the ‘wholly-owned infrastructure’ model. On this model, the Global EOR owns local legal entities in each country it operates in (subsidiaries of the Global EOR). 
  • The Hybrid model. In this arrangement, the Global EOR uses a mix of its own entities, and local partners, to hire all over the world. 

PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, handles HR outsourcing and administrative tasks including payroll. Unlike EOR, a PEO lacks legal entity status, thus cannot assume liability for international legal compliance or act as a legal employer.

While EOR platforms offer advantages like reduced legal risk, scalability, and HR outsourcing, drawbacks exist as well. Entrusting payroll and compliance to a third party impacts your recruitment process and expenses. Hiring international remote employees might challenge assessing employee quality and cultural fit. However, active monitoring and development can mitigate these risks effectively.

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