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Best PEO Services in 2024

Best PEO Services

Picking the Best PEO Services can be tricky. Business owners must consider their available budget, current and future needs, geographic territory, and specific industry needs.

Top 10 Best PEO Services

  • Horizons is the best international PEO for companies that need to hire globally.
  • ADP Totalsource is the best full-service PEO for companies that need a comprehensive PEO solution.
  • Paychex is our choice for the best customer focus regarding PEO services.
  • Insperity is the best option for startups and small businesses in 2023.
  • TriNet is the top choice for industry-specific support.
  • BBSI is the best PEO for when you need additional value-added services.
  • Infiniti HR is the top choice for enterprises and large companies that need full-scale HR and PEO solutions.
  • Justworks is the only US PEO with full pricing transparency. This makes them number one for pricing.
  • Amplify is the best PEO for employee wellbeing. Their benefits packages ensure employee healthcare and safety are the priority.
  • AlphaStaff is the top pick for compliance. Their risk management focus is unrivaled in the PEO industry.

Best PEO Services — What We Looked For

Our list of the best PEO services provides something for everyone: à la carte and add-on options for fast-changing businesses, budget-conscious plans with flexible contracts, international capabilities to support expansion and remote teams, industry-specific support staff, entrepreneurial resources for new business owners, local expertise for regionally based businesses, and more.

The PEO companies on this list cover everything that a business could need in a PEO. As always, be sure your chosen PEO operates in the same regions as your business and employees, offers the tools you need to continue growing, and provides the right coverage to keep your employees happy and safe.

Our reviews are based on assessing dozens of PEOs and their customer reviews, service offerings, and reputation within the industry. 


1. Horizons

Horizons is a leading international PEO onboarding and managing payroll for employees in 180+ countries. For genuine local expertise and international coverage, Horizons is currently leading the pack in the rankings of best PEO services. 

Horizons International PEO
Horizons International PEO

Key features

Horizons allows international companies to hire, onboard, and pay employees in 180+ countries. It is one of the few international PEOs offering in-house global recruitment, ensuring support for clients and companies throughout the hiring journey. 

Horizons pros and cons


Benefits of choosing Horizons as your global PEO include: 

  • Cost-effectiveness — starting from $299 per employee per month, no other PEO provides a better-value service internationally
  • Wholly-owned infrastructure — while many other PEOs outsource to third parties, Horizons hires employees through its own entities, providing you with complete compliance assurance.
  • With full-stack global hiring and PEO services, Horizons can support your company with recruitment, contractor hire, and visa services. Choosing Horizons means one hiring partner for all your HR needs.
  • Full pricing transparency—Horizons is up-front about its costs on its website and doesn’t have hidden fees, setting it apart from some other PEOs. 


A potential downside of the Horizons service offering is that it does not currently provide services as a registered PEO in all US states.

Our verdict

If you are looking for a trusted international hiring partner with genuine local expertise at an affordable price, Horizons is the best choice. For international PEO services, Horizons is our number one pick. 

Read more in our 2023 Horizons review. 


2. ADP TotalSource

ADP is one of the largest PEOs in the world today, operating in more than 180 countries. ADP offers industry-specific services, focusing on manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality, restaurants, technical services, professional services, financial services, education, nonprofits and social services, and construction.

ADP TotalSource HomePage
ADP Totalsource — Best PEO Overall

Key features

Because of its large size, ADP TotalSource has developed some decisive advantages: Its online systems and mobile apps are well-designed, giving employees extra functions such as self-service payroll. Their size also allows them to offer competitive benefits plans through top national providers.

ADP Pros and Cons


Benefits of engaging ADP TotalSource as your PEO solution include: 

  • Extensive benefits and insurance options — other PEOs offer limited or restricted benefits packages only. For this reason, ADP TotalSource was ranked the best PEO software for benefits flexibility
  • Powerful software tools with multiple integrations and an intuitive employee portal
  • Self-service payroll features
  • Regular employee info updates

ADP Cons

  • Pricing not advertised on the website — available by appointment only
  • The services offered may be more than necessary for small companies and startups. Budget-conscious companies must choose the most cost-effective PEO for their situation. 

Our Verdict

With its extensive customer service department, comprehensive online services, and self-service payroll feature, ADP stands out for its client support. For those needing a full-service PEO with all the trimmings, ADP is our top pick. However, choosing a PEO with a more narrow but cost-effective offering may make sense for smaller companies. 

Read more in our comprehensive 2023 review of ADP TotalSource. 


3. Paychex 

Paychex is one of the largest and most well-established PEOs in the United States, employing one in 12 private employees. Paychex has a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to customer service. 

Paychex PEO Homepage
Paychex — A Focus on the Customer

Key Features

Unlike many other services, the Paychex support teams work directly with employees to provide HR support. By working directly with the staff, Paychex becomes an expert on their clients’ entire business process, which enables them to offer unique add-on services such as risk assessment, risk management, office management, digital marketing, and more. All clients work with a Payroll Account Manager and a Human Resource Generalist; however, as they add on more services, additional consultants are brought on board. The more standard PEO services, such as HR outsourcing, administration, and PEO benefits, are available on an ‘add-on’ basis, providing a more flexible offering. Contracts for services are yearly.

Paychex Pros and Cons

Paychex Pros

  • Risk-Assessment and Management
  • In-house HR management service
  • Comprehensive resources available online
  • Tracks employee attendance

Paychex Cons

  • 5 Employee minimum
  • Less intuitive system interface

Our Verdict

Paychex provides many popular features, such as a dedicated support team, a la carte offerings, and add-on business services, making it a well-rounded option for many clients. Lack of industry-specific support, one-year contracts, a slightly clunky online user interface, and a five-employee minimum may make it less attractive to others.

For more information, check out our 2023 Paychex PEO review. 


4. Insperity

Insperity focuses on providing the services most needed by small businesses. Since startups and small businesses often have very few administrative or support staff, Insperity provides an impressive team for each client, including a Client Liaison, Payroll Specialist, HR Services Manager, Performance Specialist, and Safety Consultant.

Insperity PEO
Insperity — Top PEO for Small Business

Key Features

Because small businesses’ needs and resources vary, Insperity offers customizable plans and packages with different services. It also provides well-designed apps for Android and iOS to enable even better support.

Insperity Pros and Cons


Benefits of the Insperity PEO solution include:

  • Flexible packages
  • Online training courses are available.


Potential drawbacks of Insperity include:

  • Five employee minimum
  • Pricing not posted online

Our Verdict

The full support team and custom options provided by Insperity are powerful benefits for resource-strapped small businesses (read more about optimizing hiring for small businesses in our How to Hire for Small Businesses). For larger companies, this may be more than they need.

Read more about how Insperity can support your business in our detailed Insperity feature breakdown and analysis. 


5. TriNet

TriNet (or ‘TriNet Zenefits’) provides customized packages for different industries. As one of the largest PEOs in the US, it supports various industries, including retail, nonprofits, financial services, marketing, advertising, consulting, architecture, life sciences, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, technology, and consulting.

TriNet Homepage
TriNet — PEO Experts in Your Industry

Key Features

In addition to the standard PEO services, TriNet also provides industry-specific support teams familiar with the ins and outs of their clients’ businesses and their HR needs. This environment of professional guidance gives new business owners an extra resource to draw on as they plan their next moves.

TriNet Pros and Cons


Benefits of engaging a TriNet PEO solution include: 

  • Industry-specific packages
  • Trends and Insights available
  • Extra benefits available, i.e., commuter benefits and pet insurance


  • Five employee minimum
  • Packages only, companies cannot pick and choose which service they need. 

Our Verdict

TriNet provides some of the best industry-specific support services available. This makes it a good choice for businesses that want their HR support to reflect their industry’s unique cycles and culture. As there are currently no a la carte options, it may not be the best choice for those wishing to sign up for some, but not all, PEO services.

For a detailed analysis of TriNet’s PEO platform functionality, check out our TriNet PEO review. 



BBSI prides itself on providing standard PEO services and helping drive client businesses in other ways. BBSI interviews each client business owner to get to know their motivations and goals with their company. They then match owners with a team of local professionals who help clients shape their visions and offer additional consulting on business strategy, HR, and risk management.

The BBSI PEO Solution

Key Features

BBSI provides all the key PEO offerings: payroll, benefits administration, and employment compliance. But BBSI doesn’t stop there; it brings together local entrepreneurs and business owners for social events. BBSI believes the relaxed community atmosphere allows owners to inspire and learn from one another outside of the traditional office environment.

BBSI Pros and Cons


Advantages of choosing BBSI as a PEO solution include:

  • Active local offices
  • Additional professional consulting services are available from local leaders.


A potential drawback of BBSI is that it does not have a local office in every state.

Our Verdict

By building a community of experts and peers, BBSI establishes a human support network beyond PEO services and online tools. This could be a significant advantage for those in areas covered by BBSI, especially new business owners.

To learn more about BBSI’s offerings, check out our in-depth 2023 BBSI review. 


7. Infiniti HR

While serving businesses of all sizes, Infiniti HR is primarily geared toward larger enterprises, specifically hotel management and franchises. 

Infiniti HR and PEO
Infiniti HR — The Enterprise PEO Solution

Since many large companies already have some HR services or do not wish to change benefits packages, Infiniti lets clients choose services a la carte. Those services include the usual HR administrative processing services provided by most PEOs and recruitment, a big timesaver for growing large businesses. HR support teams focus on specific states, so even companies with branches nationwide can have local compliance experts available. Point-of-sale (POS) integration allows hotels, retailers, and restaurants to easily track work hours and tips.

Infiniti HR Pros and Cons


Advantages of Infiniti HR include:

  • Franchise focused
  • Recruitment services
  • Customizable options
  • Recruitment services available
  • Integration with client POS systems


Potential downsides of going with Infiniti HR include:

  • Not designed for smaller companies
  • Slow app performance
  • Unemployment and disability claims are not automated

Our Verdict

While PEOs are famous for providing missing HR services for small businesses, Infiniti also covers large companies. For large employers in the hotel and franchise industry, Infiniti is an obvious choice. Recruitment services and local compliance experts in all 50 states make expanding into new territories much easier.

To learn more about how Infiniti HR can support your company, check out our 2023 Infiniti HR review. 


8. Justworks

Unlike most PEOs, Justworks publishes its rates on its public website. This level of transparency and flexibility is key to the Justworks system. All payments are made monthly; if new employees are added or old ones removed, pricing will change each month to reflect the alteration.

Justworks PEO Solution — Full Pricing and Service Transparency

Key Features

For those who want extra support, Justworks offers expanded services and benefits packages in addition to the usual PEO service.

For business owners’ peace of mind, customer service is available anytime or night via phone, email, SMS, online, or Slack.

Justworks Pros and Cons


Benefits of the Justworks PEO service include:

  • Simple pricing
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Fees adapt to number of employees


Potential downsides of going with Justworks include the following:

  • Newer company
  • Limited training resources available
  • Time tracking is a paid add-on
  • Fewer services are available for large international employers

Our Verdict

For businesses who want to provide PEO benefits and admin support quickly and for a very competitive rate, the transparent offerings from Justworks are a simple, easy solution. Monthly payments make the service easy on revenue management, and 24-hour customer service will significantly help busy executives.


9. Amplify

Amplify is unique in providing employee assistance plans (EAPs), which provide confidential counseling to employees and their families. These programs can help improve employees’ and their families’ mental and physical health. They can also lead to a healthier workforce, with staff taking less sick leave and having the tools to solve health issues that could decrease productivity or cause friction if ignored.

Amplify PEO
Amplify PEO Service

Key Features

In addition to its formal employee assistance packages, Amplify also prides itself on quality customer phone service and a high degree of personal touch.

Employer Practices Liability Insurance, provided at no extra cost, protects clients from liabilities such as wrongful termination. Amplify provides custom HR support, on-site assistance, and help with updating status and changing benefits forms. 

Additionally, Amplify provides general ledger (GL) mapping for clients, helping them get a bird’s eye view of their business’s finances and make the right decisions to cut costs and grow revenue.

Amplify the Pros and Cons


Amplify benefits include:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • GL mapping
  • Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for all client businesses
  • 24/7 customer support for employees and clients
  • Employee Assistance Plans


Amplify downsides include:

  • Less well suited for large businesses
  • Coverage in only 15 states currently

Our Verdict

Their competitive pricing plans also make Amplify an easy choice on the wallet. Their GL mapping service gives an added benefit, especially for quickly growing small companies struggling to keep abreast of their financial status. The EAPs offered with the Amplify package are an excellent tool to attract staff and ensure the general health of the workplace. The EPLI then gives employers some security, knowing they have protection against potential lawsuits from disgruntled former employees. However, Amplify is still a relatively small company, and its services may be too limited for larger businesses.


10. AlphaStaff 

AlphaStaff specializes in risk management for their client businesses. It provides this with various services such as flexible pay workers’ compensation coverage, OSHA compliance and abatement assistance, accident investigations, claims management, risk analysis, and customizable safety and health programs.

AlphaStaff PEO
AlphaStaff — A Compliance-Focused PEO

Key Features

In addition to its risk management services, AlphaStaff provides a user-friendly portal for onboarding new employees, easing hiring and growing a workforce. What AlphaStaff doesn’t offer is a global payroll service.

AlphaStaff Pros and Cons


Benefits of choosing AlphaStaff include:

  • Simple portal for onboarding new employees
  • Assistance with OSHA abatement — best in class for PEO risk management
  • Features for custom safety and health programs


A potential downside of AlphaStaff compared to some competitors is that it offers no global payroll option.

Our Verdict

For businesses with a high risk of injury and large staffing requirements, such as construction or manufacturing, the AlphaStaff risk management services and simple onboarding portal will provide an advantage. However, it may be less suitable for businesses wishing to hire international remote workers or expand internationally.

Read more in our detailed 2023 Alphastaff review. 

Video — NAPEO on How to Select the Best PEO Services

Which PEO Services Are Right for Your Company?

Selecting the proper Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services is pivotal for your company’s success. PEOs offer a range of solutions, but identifying which ones align with your business needs requires careful consideration. 

best peo services offerings

Here are vital services to consider:

HR Management and Compliance

Any good PEO service will provide expert HR functions that ensure your company adheres to labor laws and regulations. Compliance management includes managing employee records, overseeing compliance with local and federal laws, and handling HR-related inquiries. These comprehensive HR outsourcing services are essential if your company lacks an in-house HR team.

Payroll Administration

Efficient payroll management is a cornerstone of any successful business. PEO providers offer comprehensive payroll services, including payroll processing, tax withholdings, and reporting. This is particularly beneficial for companies aiming to streamline payroll processes and avoid the complexities of tax regulations.

Employee Benefits Management

One of the most attractive aspects of partnering with a PEO is access to a broader range of employee benefits at competitive rates. These can include health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. Small—to medium-sized businesses, particularly, can benefit from this service as it helps attract and retain top talent.

Risk Management and Safety Compliance

For businesses in industries with higher risk factors, PEOs can provide vital support in developing safety programs and ensuring compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. They can also assist with workers’ compensation claims and risk mitigation strategies.

Training and Development

Many PEOs offer employee training and development programs that can be tailored to your company’s needs. These programs can enhance your team’s skills, boost productivity, and foster a positive work culture.

Recruitment and Staffing Solutions

A PEO can offer recruitment and staffing solutions if your company is expanding or has high turnover rates. They can help source, screen, and hire qualified candidates, saving you time and resources.

ServicesDescriptionsBenefits – Small Business
Benefits – Large Enterprise
HR Management and ComplianceEnsures adherence to labor laws and regulations. 
Payroll AdministrationIncludes payroll processing, tax withholdings, and reporting. 
Employee Benefits ManagementProvides access to a broader range of employee benefits at competitive rates. 
Risk Management and Safety Compliance
Supports developing safety programs and compliance with OSHA regulations.
Training and Development
Offers employee training and development programs.
Recruitment and Staffing Solutions
Helps source, screen, and hire qualified candidates.

In conclusion, the right PEO services for your company depend on your specific business needs, industry, and size. For small businesses looking to grow, services like payroll administration and employee benefits management are highly beneficial. Larger enterprises might prioritize HR management and compliance. Evaluate your current operations and future goals to make an informed decision. For a more detailed guide on choosing the best PEO services, see Choosing the Right PEO Services. Remember, any decision must be made only after carefully reviewing the PEO services and checking that any proposed PEO agreement is suitable. 


Very few PEOs openly advertise their pricing online. This is because PEOs generally offer customized, tiered pricing plans based on the specific services a business requires. Additionally, their pricing might fluctuate due to factors like currency exchange rates for globally operating PEOs. Clients are usually expected to contact the PEO directly for a quote.

Most PEOs will either charge a fixed monthly fee per employee or calculate their fees as a percentage of your total payroll costs. Before committing to a PEO, businesses should carefully consider their medium-to-long-term growth projections, the potential length of the PEO contract (as longer-term contracts can carry more risk), and the number of employees they plan to onboard. These factors will heavily influence the overall cost of the PEO's services. You can refer to our guide on PEO cost for a more comprehensive breakdown of PEO costs.

Unlike other sites reviewing the largest and best PEO providers, RemotePad reviews are carried out by genuine industry experts. When choosing the top PEO companies operating today, All RemotePad contributors and editorial staff draw on significant first-hand experience in the PEO, remote work and payroll industries to inform their assessments. The RemotePad review process proceeds as follows:


  1. The registration and compliance status of the PEO is checked with state government PEO registers, such as the New York State PEO List. Court and case registries are also checked to consider any PEO-related litigation.
  2. The accreditation and/or certification status of the PEO is checked with the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) and the Internal Revenue Service.
  3. Hundreds of customer reviews are analyzed to gather extensive information on PEO performance.
  4. All reviews are independently fact-checked by another professional. 
Travis is a global business development advisor. He has spent the last 14 years supporting business establishment and development in North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. With multiple degrees from the University of Oregon, Travis currently splits his time between the US, and Bali, Indonesia. At RemotePad, Travis writes about remote work, hiring internationally and PEO/EOR business models.