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Doing Business in Portugal

Portugal’s economy is a high-income market characterized by steady growth over the recent years, driven by a surge in tourism and strong exports. Although relatively small compared to other European economies, it offers a stable ground for various business ventures, fostered by its strategic location in the Iberian Peninsula and a warm relationship with neighboring economic powerhouses.

Statistics about the Economy of Portugal

Portugal’s GDP has witnessed consistent growth, thanks to a series of structural reforms and investments in various sectors including technology and renewable energy. According to data from the World Bank, the country exhibited a progressive economic trend before the COVID-19 pandemic. Portugal also benefits from a well-educated workforce and a substantial increase in exports, showcasing a healthy economic setting ripe for investment.

Portugal Market Profile

Why Doing Business in Portugal

Doing business in Portugal comes with a variety of advantages such as a strategic geographical location with access to key European markets and a host of trade agreements that facilitate smoother business operations. Moreover, the country offers a stable political environment and has been actively encouraging foreign investment through a range of incentives including competitive corporate tax rates and various programs designed to attract entrepreneurs and investors.

Business Culture in Portugal

The business culture in Portugal leans towards formal and conservative approaches. Hierarchies are respected and revered in business settings. Relationships and networks play a crucial role, with a preference for face-to-face meetings to foster trust and understanding. Understanding the nuances of the Portuguese business culture can be a significant asset when looking to establish a successful business in the country.

Networking in Portugal

Networking is pivotal in Portugal, and it is often facilitated through various business associations and chambers of commerce that regularly host events and seminars. Building a robust network can significantly aid in establishing and growing a business in Portugal, providing the necessary contacts and insights into the local market dynamics.

How to Hire in Portugal

Hiring in Portugal is facilitated by a workforce known for its high level of education and multilingual skills. The process includes delineating clear job descriptions, following labor laws, and possibly collaborating with local recruitment agencies for the best results. Understanding employee rights and the cultural nuances of the Portuguese workforce can foster a harmonious work environment.

Choosing Employer of Record in Portugal: Bypassing Company Registration to Hire Employees

In Portugal’s rapidly evolving business environment, many international organizations are recognizing the value of utilizing a Portugal Employer of Record (EOR) over the conventional pathway of company registration. The complexities of Portuguese labor laws, tax systems, and other regulatory mandates can pose challenges to businesses eager to make a mark in the region.

By opting for an EOR, companies can sidestep the lengthy and intricate process of setting up a local subsidiary. This enables them to swiftly and compliantly recruit Portuguese talent, while ensuring all payroll and legislative obligations are impeccably met. This approach not only streamlines administrative procedures but also presents a strategic, flexible, and efficient method to harness the skills and expertise Portugal has to offer, all in full alignment with local standards and regulations.

How to Get a Work Visa

Securing a work visa in Portugal involves a streamlined process that includes obtaining a residence visa for work purposes, followed by a residence permit upon arrival in Portugal. The process necessitates a valid employment contract and the fulfillment of other regulatory requirements. It is always advised to consult with legal experts to ensure a smooth transition.

How to Register a Company

Registering a company in Portugal involves a series of steps, including obtaining a company tax number, registering with the Portuguese Commercial Register, and declaring the start of activity with the Portuguese Tax Authorities. The entire process is relatively straightforward and supported by various government initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship.

Starting Business in Portugal

How to Acquire Real Estate for Business

Acquiring real estate for business in Portugal involves identifying a strategic location, engaging in market research, and negotiating suitable terms. Engaging local real estate experts can be beneficial in understanding the local market trends and legal requisites. Additionally, considering the various incentives available for redevelopment of certain areas could offer lucrative investment opportunities.


Portugal presents a stable and encouraging environment for doing business, with its strategic location offering an gateway to substantial markets. Understanding the economy, leveraging local networks, and adapting to the Portuguese business culture can foster successful business ventures in the country. Through diligent preparation and alignment with local norms, businesses can potentially thrive in the Portuguese market, making the most of the opportunities that this vibrant and growing economy has to offer.


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Travis is a global business development advisor. He has spent the last 14 years supporting business establishment and development in North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. With multiple degrees from the University of Oregon, Travis currently splits his time between the US, and Bali, Indonesia.At RemotePad, Travis writes about remote work, hiring internationally and PEO/EOR business models.