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10 Best Contractor Management Software

10 Best Contractor Management Software

I surveyed 73 Contractor Management Software solutions as an HR and payroll expert. Of the ones I examined, these are the 10 best:

Best Contractor Management Software

Best Contractor Management Software Comparison

The table below compares the top contractor management companies based on their users’ ratings, pricing, coverage, and other services.

 logo black 1Remote logodeel

Transformify logo

alts 300x181 1rippling logoGlobalization Partners logooyster seeklogo.comvelocity logo
RemotePad Score9.6/10Best Contractor Management9.4/10Best  for Compliance9.3/10Best Contractor Platform9.2/10Best for Payments9.1/10Best for Direct Hire9/10Best for Integrations8.9/10Best for Add-Ons8.8/10Best for Risk Management8.7/10Best for Enterprise
G2 Score4.9/54.5/54.6/54.5/54.4/54.8/55/54.4/5N/A
Contractor Price$49$29$49+£35 N/AN/AN/A$29+N/A
Other ServicesEOR, Global Payroll, Recruitment, Visa SupportEOR, Global PayrollEOR, Global Payroll, Visa SupportEOR, Global PayrollEOR, Global PayrollEOR, Global PayrollEOR, Global Payroll, RecruitmentEOR, Global PayrollEOR, Global Payroll, Visas
ReviewHorizons ReviewRemote ReviewDeel ReviewComing SoonAtlas ReviewRippling ReviewG-P ReviewOyster HR ReviewVelocity Review 

Analysis of the 10 Best Contractor Management Software

Best for Contractor Management

1. Horizons 

Horizons is a global contractor management platform with offices worldwide and a presence in 180+ countries. 

While some contractor management providers sub-contract to local firms, Horizons is one of the few that retains genuine contracting expertise in its global offices. Whether hiring in Shanghai, Mumbai, or Madrid, local contract management experts can advise you on market conditions and legal issues. 

Horizons Employer of Record
Horizons Contractor Management Software (Image: Horizons)

Key Features

Global CoverageWith Horizons, you can engage contractors in 180+ countries in full compliance with local laws.
PlatformThe Horizons SaaS platform facilitates managing the entire contractor lifecycle: Hiring, invoice management, and offboarding. 
Add-on ServicesExtensive additional services, including Employer of Record (EOR) services, in-house recruitment, payroll, and work visa support services.


Contractors$49 per month per contractor.
International Recruitment2% of gross salary/month.
Employer of RecordFrom $299 per month.


  Transparent Pricing As stated on the Horizons website, from $49 per contractor per month.
  SaaS Platform A market-leading contractor management platform, making it easy to monitor contractor payments, invoicing, VAT payments and so forth. 
✓  Global Hiring Solutions Full global hiring solutions, including employee hire (EOR) and recruitment, alongside its contractor management solution.


 Add ons vary by countryHorizons does not currently provide visa support and in-house recruitment in every country. That means companies may need multiple hiring partners if recruiting in some countries. 

Unique Selling Point

Horizons stands apart from other contractor management platforms with its commitment to local expertise and hiring contractors vis owned entities, rather than sub-contracting.  Horizons also has local legal and operational experts ready to advise clients in whichever country they seek to hire. 


Horizons focuses on tailored contractor management solutions to suit the needs of client companies of all sizes.  Horizons ensures that international contractor hiring is legally compliant and that there is no employee misclassification.  Horizons is our pick for the Best Contractor Management Software Solution

💡 Read more about why Horizons receives this rating in our 2024 Horizons Review.

Best for Compliance

2. Remote

A relatively new contractor management solution (established in 2019), Remote has grown at a phenomenal rate, valued at $3 billion as of its last published valuation in April 2022.

Remote provides a premium contractor hiring solution — only hiring contractors or freelancers through its own entities or subsidiaries worldwide. This means client companies have full compliance assurance. 

Remote Employer of Record
Remote Contractor Hire (Image: Remote)

Key Features

Direct HiringWhen contractors work through the Remote platform anywhere in the world, they work only with Remote, not for a contracted local partner. This means one less potential issue for businesses looking for a contracting partner, with Remote having total compliance responsibility
API and IntegrationsRemote offers an API to clients and partners, enabling easy integration of the Remote platform into existing enterprise software packages.
HRISRemote offers a free HRIS, enabling your company to oversee all contractors and international employees via a simple interface. This saves you significant time and resources. 
Remote Jobs MarketplaceIn November 2023, Remote introduced ‘Remote Talent,’ enabling you to advertise for contractors through Remote’s job board. This way, Remote can support you throughout the contractor recruitment lifecycle. 


Contractors$29 per month per contractor.
Employee HireStarts at $599 per employee, per month.
Global Payroll$50 per employee per month.


  Own EntitiesAs Remote only works via its own subsidiaries, any errors in payment or invoicing can be resolved directly by Remote.
IP and Data ProtectionRemote and its subsidiaries handle all data and client company IP. This reduces the risk of data breach or IP theft from multiple handlers.
✓  Transparent PricingRemote charges a flat fee of $29 per contractor. All prices are identified on the pricing page.
✓  US Payroll Remote also supports US payroll through its recent collaboration with US payroll giant Gusto, known as ‘Gusto Global, powered by Remote. ‘


No Global Coverage As Remote only provides services in countries where it owns entities, it does not offer contractor hiring services in all locations.

Unique Selling Point

Remote is a compliance-first company. Through its rigorous employee misclassification testing, Remote will ensure compliant contractor payment and hire.  


Remote provides a secure and compliant platform to ensure your international contractor hiring meets all local laws and regulations. For its commitment to client protection and customer service, Remote is our Best for Compliance

💡Please find out more in our detailed review of Remote’s contractor management solution. 

Best Contractor Platform

3. Deel 

Deel is a market-leading SaaS company that oversees all aspects of international hiring and HR. Founded in 2018, Deel was valued at $12 billion in its last valuation in 2023 and has a recurring annual revenue of $400 million

Deel HR
Deel Contractor Platform (Image: Deel)

Key Features

Global coverageDeel’s contractor solutions are available in 150+ countries through a mix of its subsidiaries and outsourcing.
A Full HR SolutionDeel is not restricted to contractor solutions. It also provides EOR and global payroll solutions for clients needing full hiring support. 
HRISThrough Deel HR, Deel is one of the few platforms that seamlessly integrates contractor management with employee support. 


Contractors$49 per month per contractor.
Employer of RecordFrom $599 per month per employee.
Global PayrollPricing available by custom quote.
ImmigrationPricing by custom quote.


Deel API & IntergrationsDeel integrates fully with popular accounting software (such as Xero and Intuit Quickbooks) and has recently partnered with payments platform Wise.
Payment FlexibilityWith multiple payment methods for contractors, including cryptocurrencies, Deel provides a high degree of flexibility for contractor payment. 
Compliance & SecurityDeel offers ‘Deel Shield‘ to enable classification as an employee or a contractor and indemnify the client for misclassification liability. 


Reputational Issues

A California State Senator has claimed that Deel was intentionally misclassifying employees and recommending other companies to do so. There have also been complaints that Deel operated as a PEO in Florida without a license to do so

It should be acknowledged that Deel strongly denies all allegations that it acted incorrectly.

Unique Selling Point

Deel’s HR SaaS enables your business to replace multiple HR tools at once. Whether you are searching for contractor, emloyee hiring, or visa assistance, Deel enables you  can manage everything in one accesible platform.  


Deel is an excellent contractor management choice for businesses that want one intuitive platform to handle contractors and employees. Due to the strength of Deel HR, we judge it to be the Best Contractor Platform. 

💡 To learn more about their offerings, read our detailed Deel Review.

Best for Contractor Payment

4. Transformify

Transformify offers international freelancer management and contractor solutions, enabling you to onboard freelancers worldwide. Their contractor management solution fully integrates with their advertising and recruitment services, allowing you to serve your job ads to millions of candidates

Transformify contractor management
Transformify Contractor Management (Image: Transformify)

Key Features

ContractorsHire freelancers and contractors in 180+ countries.
Employer of RecordTransformify can help you hire contractors in multiple locations.
Applicant Tracking SystemOptimize your contractor hiring process through Transformify’s in-built applicant tracking system (ATS). This lets you message candidates directly, schedule interviews, create shortlists, and more.
Share Job ListingsEasily share job listings on all major platforms and through social media through Transformify’s listing service.
Vendor Management Manage your vendors alongside your independent contractors on the same intuitive platform.


ContractorsFrom £35 per freelancer.
Employer of RecordFrom £499 per employee per month.
Vendor ManagementFrom £5 per vendor.
ATSfrom £280 per month, or £50 per job post
£5 per person.


FlexibilityWhether hiring contractors or employees, Transformify has the solution to support you.
Applicant trackingMost contractor management solutions only support hiring and payment. Transformify supports your business through the contractor recruitment, interview, and onboarding process.
Transparent PricingTransformify provides prices for all its services on its pricing page.


Does not cover all locations

Transformify does not currently support contractor and employee hire in all international locations. 

Unique Selling Point

Transformify is the only contractor management solution to support you throughout the entire contractor hiring process, from recruitment to hiring, payment, and offboarding. 

Our verdict

Transformify can support your business in all aspects of freelancer and contractor hire. As one of the few providers that can support you in the talent acquisition phase, Transformify is our pick as the Best for Contractor Payment.  

Best for Direct Hire

5. Atlas HXM

Unlike most other global providers, Atlas (also known as ‘Atlas HXM’) directly hires contractors in every country in which it operates. It can do this as it has subsidiaries in virtually every country in the world. 

Atlas was formerly known as ‘Elements Global Services’ or ‘Elements GS’. 

Atlas EOR
Atlas Contractor Management (Image: Atlas)

Key Features

Global CoverageContractor management solutions in 160+ countries.
Specialized Industry SupportAtlas offers specialized services to support organizations in the venture capital, financial services, and enterprise sectors. 
Additional HR ServicesAtlas provides additional HR services such as EOR, Immigration and Relocation Support services.


Contractors By custom quote.
Employer of Record By custom quote.
Visa Sponsorship By custom quote.


Industry-specific SupportAtlas is useful where you need a provider that understands the ins and outs of your specific product or service.
Wholly-owned SubsidiariesAtlas wholly-owns its legal entities so wherever you operate, you are working directly with Atlas, not another company.
Additional ServicesAtlas provides additional services including EOR,  global payroll and visa assistance.


Cost TransparencyA potential downside of engaging Atlas is the lack of transparency on cost in different countries. Atlas no longer offers a pricing page on its website setting out any of its pricing.  

Unique Selling Point 

While other providers have direct hiring solutions, Atlas is one of the few with  complete international coverage through its directly owned entities


Those in industries specifically supported by Atlas may benefit from their focused service.  As one of the few providers with a network of owned entities, Atlas is ideal if you seek to work with only one global partner.

💡 Make sure to read our detailed Atlas Review for more information about why Atlas is the provider judged Best for Direct Hire.

Best for Integrations

6. Rippling 

Rippling is a relatively new entrant to the contractor management market. It has an influential list of clients, including Apple, Salesforce, and Amazon, and offers a complete HR solution. 

Rippling beats its competitors when it comes to integrations. Rippling handles outsourced payroll and tax assistance and offers contractor training as well as contractor payment and EOR. 

Rippling EOR 1
Rippling Contractor Hire (Image: Rippling)

Key Features

Comprehensive OfferingsProvides extensive additional services, including employee benefits support,  learning modules, HR reporting, and more.
Policy CreationRippling enables companies to generate crucial documents, including letters for contractor hire, instantly.
Analytics & ReportingThrough Rippling’s strong integrations, get extensive analytics on your contractor hiring and payment processes. 


All servicesFrom $7 per employee, with each additional service increasing the price. Note, contractor-specific pricing is not listed on their website. 


Comprehensive SystemEach Rippling add-on can be chosen at any time via the online platform. This makes it one of the market’s most comprehensive HR and payment platforms.
Fast PaymentsUser reviews consistently identify Rippling as a particularly fast contractor payment processor. 
Configurable Automated WorkflowsRippling integrates with multiple HR, payroll, and payment apps, allowing users to trigger actions across all systems. 
Advanced AnalyticsThrough comprehensive payroll, HR, and financial data across its integrated dataset, Rippling enables companies to easily build any business report they may seek— in just a few clicks. 


ExpensiveThrough separate pricing per add-on, the total cost can quickly get high.
Lack of Phone SupportRippling does not currently have a call center to support any issues with contractor hire or payment. 

Unique Selling Point

Rippling provides a full global workforce and HR platform: Gathering all contractor, employee and payroll data in one place allows you to draw fast lessons about your processes. 


Alongside its contractor hiring services, Rippling provides dozens of integrations and additional services to allow Rippling to fit smoothly into your existing tech stack. 

Rippling is our choice as the Best for Integrations

💡 Learn more about whether Rippling is the best for your contractor management services in our Rippling 2024 review. 

Best for Add Ons

7. Globalization Partners (G-P) 

G-P, or ‘Globalization Partners,’ founded in 2012, pioneered the international workforce management industry. G-P provides 24/7 customer service, access to genuine local experts, and security measures to protect contractor data. 

G-P contractor management
Globalization Partners Contractor Hiring (Image: G-P)

Key Features

Contract GeneratorClients can create a freelancer contract in minutes for nearly any country.
Multiple IntegrationsG-P integrates with UKG, Greenhouse, Hibob, and ADP, among other providers. This means fast and secure data flow between the G-P platform and other HR software solutions.
Analytics & ReportingAdvanced analytics, including custom reports and global contractor talent mapping


Contractor Management From $49 per month. 


 Customer Support24/7 customer service to fix any issues with contractor hiring or payment. 
Add-on ServicesA range of add-on services including G-P Recruit fully integrated with your contractor solution. 


Pricing transparencyNot all their services are listed on the website with prices.
No Payroll SolutionFor companies that wish to process employee payroll as well as contractor payment, another provider will be required.

Unique Selling Point

With its extensive range of add-on solutions, G-P is the ideal partner for companies that need hiring and recruitment support alongside their contractor payment solutions.  


G-P is a long-established, premium workforce management company supporting contractor and employee hire.  

For its range of additional services, we judge G-P to be the Best for Add-Ons. 

Best for Risk Management

8. Oyster HR

Oyster (also known as ‘Oyster HR’) is a global contractor and EOR platform focused on the customer experience. It has international coverage (180+ countries) and can hire both employees and contractors with ease. 

Oyster EOR
Oyster Contractor Payment (Image: Oyster)

Key Features

Contractor paymentOyster provides full global contractor coverage through a network of subsidiaries and vetted partners.
Add-onsOyster can also support you with multi-country payroll and EOR support. 


Contractors$29 per contractor per month (with the first month free)
Employer of Record$499+ per employee per month
ScaleCustom pricing 


✓ Range of ToolsOyster offers a range of online tools, including  a contractor vs employee analyzer, a total cost of employment calculator and an employee benefits advisor.
✓ Focus on Legal RiskOyster offers premium liability coverage and IP protection ensuring that the risk of contractor hire is mitigated as much as possible. 


Visa SupportOyster does not offer talent acquisitionor visa support services.

Unique Selling Point

Oyster is focused on mitigating legal and compliance risks for its clients, with a range of protections to ensure that your contractor hiring presents minimal risk to your business. 


With multiple hiring options and an attractive contractor discount, Oyster is an excellent option for international contractor hire. With its emphasis on risk, Oyster is our pick as Best for Risk Management

💡 Read more about this contractor services company in our detailed 2024 Oyster HR review. 

Best for Enterprise

9. Velocity Global

Velocity Global offers an international talent platform covering global contractor management, international employment, and visa support services. They operate all over the world, including all 50 US states.

Velocity Employer of Record
Velocity Global Contractor Management (Image: Velocity)

Key Features

Global CoverageVelocity Global can hire and pay your contractors in 185+ countries and all 50 US states. 
Industry Knowledge ProficiencyIndustry-specific expertise, supporting contractor hire in the SaaS, cybersecurity, venture capital, and private equity industries.
Add-on ServicesVelocity Global can also support you through employee hiring and visa sponsorship solutions. 


Contractor HireVelocity Global provides no pricing information on its website.


✓ Industry-specific SupportVelocity Global has specialized industry knowledge, making it a good choice for companies focused on tech or science.
✓ Complementary ServicesAs well as traditional hiring solutions, Velocity offers merger, acquisition, and divestiture consulting, meaning comprehensive global expansion support. 


Pricing TransparencyVelocity Global provides no pricing for its contractor hiring services.

Unique Selling Point

As well as contractor hire, Velocity Global provides a complete expansion solution, including strategic advice and employment solutions. It is also one of the few contractor management providers with full US coverage — a major benefit for large US and international enterprises


Velocity Global is a premium contractor solution and an excellent choice for companies that need full US coverage. 

We judge Velocity Global Best for Enterprise for its ability to service the largest companies, whatever their HR needs. 

💡 To learn more, read our 2024 review of Velocity Global. 

Best for Contractors in Europe

10. People2.0 

People2.0 is a ‘contractor-first’ international hiring solution, providing contractor payment, hiring, and HR solutions worldwide through its network of partners and subsidiaries. 

People2.0 EOR 01
People2.0 Contractor Hire (Image: People2.0)

Key Features

Agent of RecordPeople.2.0 supports companies to hire contractors nearly anywhere in the world through their Agent of Record solutions.
Employer of RecordPeople2.0 also offers EOR support, allowing for compliant employee hire through more than 100 countries.
Independent Classification ProcessPeople2.0 has a full employee misclassification testing process to ensure that your contractor hiring is compliant. 


Contractor PaymentPeople2.0 does no offer pricing information on its website. 


 Focus on Contractor CompliancePeople2.0 offers significant contractor compliance assurance, including initial classification, an audit defense file, contract administration, and ongoing risk mitigation. 
✓ European FocusWhile it operates worldwide, People2.0 has a strong presence and offering in Europe. 
 Industry Specific TargetsPeople2.0 specifically supports recruitment agencies and staffing companies, allowing them to hire contractors and freelancers compliantly. 


Limited CoverageMainly focused on the Europe market, does not offer full international coverage. 
Pricing TransparencyDoes not provide prices on website.


Unique Selling Point

Our Verdict

People2.0 are contractor management experts with a special focus on European hiring. For companies with a focus mainly in this region, People2.0 is an excellent choice.  

💡 To read more about People2.0’s offerings, consider our 2024 People2.0 Review. 

What is Contractor Management Software?

Contractor Management Software is a specialized digital tool for hiring, managing, and paying self-employed individuals, contractors, or freelancers. Using this solution is sometimes called Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO). 

Key features usually include contractor hiring and onboarding,  task and project tracking, and invoice and compliance management. Sometimes, contractor management software is a standalone tool. Other times, it is combined with Employer of Record (EOR) Software or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) platforms to enable you to manage your entire workforce with one platform. 

What Are the Benefits of Contractor Management Software?

Benefits of using contractor management software include:

  1. Streamlined Onboarding Process: Contractor management software simplifies the onboarding of new contractors by automating the collection and verification of necessary documents, such as contracts, insurance certificates, and professional licenses. This ensures that all contractors meet your business’s compliance standards before they start work.

  2. Efficient Document and Contract Management: This software provides a centralized repository for storing, managing, and accessing all contractor-related documents, reducing the risk of lost paperwork and non-compliance.

  3. Compliance and Risk Management: Contractor management software helps ensure contractors adhere to applicable regulations, reducing the legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance.

  4. Improved Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication is crucial for the success of projects involving contractors. This software facilitates clear and timely communication between your business and its contractors, ensuring everyone is aligned on project goals, timelines, and expectations.

  5. Simplified Invoice and Payment Processing: Managing invoices and payments for multiple contractors can be complex and time-consuming. Contractor management software automates these processes, ensuring that contractors are paid accurately and on time, which helps maintain good relationships and trust.

  6. Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Evaluating the performance of contractors is essential for maintaining high-quality work. This software provides tools for monitoring project progress, evaluating contractor performance, and generating reports, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

  7. Scalability: As your business grows and the number of contractors you manage increases, contractor management software can easily scale to accommodate your expanding needs, ensuring that your contractor management processes remain efficient and effective.

Who Typically Uses Contractor Management Software?

Contractor management software is widely used across various industries and sectors, particularly by companies that rely heavily on a flexible workforce for project-based, seasonal, or specialized work. These businesses benefit from the streamlined processes, compliance management, and efficiency gains such software provides.

Here are some types of companies that typically use independent contractor management software:

  1. Technology and IT Services: Companies that hire freelancers or independent contractors for software development, IT support, and project-based tech initiatives often use this software to manage contracts, projects, and payments efficiently.

  2. Consulting Firms: Consulting businesses, which often deploy teams to various client sites on a project basis, use contractor management software to oversee project assignments, manage client engagements, and ensure timely invoicing and payments.

  3. Creative Industries: Agencies and firms in advertising, marketing, graphic design, and content creation that hire independent contractors for creative projects use this software to manage contracts, collaborations, and project deliveries.

  4. Event Management and Hospitality: These industries hire contractors for events, catering, and temporary hospitality roles. Contractor management software aids in scheduling, contract management, and payment processing.

My Review Methodology

In assessing different providers, I considered some of the following factors to rate providers out of 10:

  • Coverage: Some providers only manage and pay contractors in selected countries
  • SaaS: The quality of the SaaS platform used by the provider. 
  • Add-on Services: Does the provider also offer Employer of Record and payroll outsourcing solutions?
  • Pricing: How much is the solution? Is the provider transparent?
  • Integrations: What integrations does the software provide with other apps and platforms? 

Choosing the Best Contractor Management Software

The contractor management software market has never been more vibrant and competitive internationally than it is today. Any businesses interested in hiring and paying employees and contractors internationally should carefully consider the pros and cons of the providers we have reviewed and choose the best contractor management software for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, 'freelancer' refers to individuals working on small projects for multiple clients. The word 'contractor' is reserved for self-employed individuals who may only work for one individual longer (but are not employees). 

When it comes to software, 'contractor management', and 'freelancer management' software are the same thing. 

No. Generally, construction contractors would be managed by a different type of software known as vendor management software

Employer of Record platforms allow you to hire and pay employees anywhere in the world, quickly, and in full legal compliance. Contractor management software is for hiring independent contractors, rather than employees.

Many companies, such as Horizons, Deel and Remote provide software with both solutions. 

Article By
Managing Editor
Milly is an international lawyer and tech entrepreneur who has advised companies on expanding globally for over 5 years. She is an advocate of remote hiring and regularly consults on future of work matters. Milly founded RemotePad to help employers learn more about building and growing international teams.