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3 min read

Remote Launches ‘Remote Talent’ Marketplace announces new jobs platform
3 min read

Remote Launches ‘Remote Talent’ Marketplace

Remote, a leading international Employer of Record, has established a new remote jobs marketplace ‘Remote Talent‘. Read on to find out more. 

Key Takeaways

  • Remote, one of the world’s leading Employers of Record, has introduced a new remote jobs board. 
  • This remote job marketplace, known as ‘Remote Talent’, provides clear benefits for candidates via its clear emphasis on remote elements of the role. 
  • For companies, using Remote Talent allows the business to integrate job advertising with other EOR and HR functionalities. 

Remote is the first global Employer of Record to introduce a jobs marketplace to connect companies and candidates. For a full analysis of how your company can benefit from Remote Talent, check out our in-depth analysis of Remote’s services.  

Key Features of Remote Talent

  1. A Marketplace for an Experienced Remote Workforce
    Employers can now leverage Remote to scout for potential candidates, extending beyond the conventional job board functionalities. Remote Talent not only facilitates advertising job openings for hybrid and on-site roles but also connects employers with a pool of global talent experienced in remote working.
  2. Full Integration with Remote Platform
    The platform’s integration with Remote allows companies to broaden their hiring horizons to a global scale, offering seamless onboarding, local currency payment solutions, and consistent management of employees, all while maintaining global compliance.
  3. Better Candidate Experience
    The platform, free for candidates, advances beyond traditional job boards by providing clearer insights into the remote nature of each role. It offers advanced filters for time zone, salary in various currencies, travel requirements, and more, aiding in the search for the ideal job, regardless of its location.
  4. AI Tools for Improved Discovery
    Upcoming enhancements include AI-driven tools to aid in candidate discovery and matching, as well as integrated global insights to assist companies in making informed decisions about hiring and international compensation.

The Remote Talent Difference

Remote Talent addresses the limitations of existing job search platforms, which are ill-equipped for the era of distributed work. Traditional job boards often focus on location-based searches, omit crucial job details, and exclude global candidates.

Remote Talent solves these issues by allowing employers to specify detailed requirements for remote and hybrid roles and streamlining the management of newly hired team members from any location.

Additionally, Remote is excited to introduce the Freelancer Hub — a comprehensive platform for freelancers to handle their operational tasks. Freelancers can register for free and enjoy features such as creating globally compliant contracts, generating invoices, and receiving payments in over 70 currencies. These functionalities are a testament to Remote’s commitment to simplifying and enhancing the experience of managing international and domestic contractors.

Video: Remote Talent — the Future of Global Recruitment

About Remote

Since its inception in 2019 by Job van der Voort and Marcelo Lebre, Remote has been committed to enabling businesses to effortlessly hire, manage, and pay their distributed workforces. Backed by prominent investors like SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Accel, and Sequoia, Remote continues to redefine the landscape of global employment.

For more information, check out our detailed analysis of Remote’s global hiring services.


The Freelancer Hub is a new service from Remote to support Freelancers with their international contracts and payments, free of charge was previously a remote jobs marketplace in 2019. After a period of inactivity, the jobs marketplace was revived in 2023 as part of Remote's full HR offering. 

Remote Talent differs due to its sole focus on remote and hybrid jobs, as well as its integration with all other elements of the Remote platform. 

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