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7 min read

Deel VS Oyster: EOR Comparison & Alternatives

Deel VS Oyster Comparison and Alternatives
7 min read

Deel VS Oyster: EOR Comparison & Alternatives

In today’s interconnected world, hiring and managing a global workforce is no longer a luxury reserved for large corporations. Small and medium-sized businesses are also looking to tap into the vast pool of talent found across the globe. But navigating the complexities of international hiring and payroll can be a daunting task. That’s where global employment platforms like Deel and Oyster come in. These innovative solutions promise to break down barriers, streamline processes, and empower companies to harness the power of a global workforce.

So, which of these platforms is the better choice for your business? In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the ins and outs of Deel vs Oyster, comparing their key features, pricing, integrations, customer support, and more. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what each platform offers, and you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision for your business’s global expansion.

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides an in-depth comparison of Deel and Oyster, helping businesses understand the pros and cons for their unique needs.
  • Key features such as global payroll services, EOR solutions, contractor management & payments are compared to help make an informed decision.
  • Both platforms offer flexible pricing plans with comprehensive customer support & user experience capabilities to manage a global workforce efficiently.

Understanding Deel and Oyster

Deel and Oyster are global employment platforms that make hiring and managing an international workforce simpler. They offer services like global payroll, employer of record (EOR) solutions, and contractor management. Their goal is to reduce international barriers and enable companies to engage with global talent more easily by streamlining these complex processes.

This guide aims to provide an in-depth comparison of Deel vs. Oyster, helping businesses determine the best choice for their unique needs. We’ll compare:

  • Key features
  • Pricing plans
  • Integration capabilities
  • Customer support

This will give you a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of each platform.

Comparing Key Features: Deel vs Oyster

We start by examining the key features of Deel and Oyster. These encompass global payroll services, EOR solutions, and contractor management and payments. Each platform offers a unique set of tools and functionalities designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of international hiring and employee management.

Deel Interface

Understanding the differences between these features is vital; they can significantly impact the effectiveness of global workforce management. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll dive into the specifics of each feature, comparing the offerings of Deel and Oyster side by side.

Oyster Interface

By the end of this section, you’ll have a clear understanding of how Deel and Oyster stack up against each other in terms of global payroll services, EOR solutions, and contractor management. With this information at hand, you’ll be better equipped to choose the platform that best aligns with your business needs and goals.

Global Payroll Services

Deel and Oyster both offer global payroll services to help businesses pay employees seamlessly and in compliance with local laws. Deel provides a native payroll platform and local payroll experts for over 100 countries, ensuring that your employees receive their payments on time and in accordance with local regulations.

Deel vs Oyster comparison

On the other hand, Oyster offers payroll services in more than 130 countries, with features such as tax deduction automation, localized contracts, and a self-service portal. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their global payroll processes and ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Employer of Record (EOR) Solutions

Employer of Record (EOR) solutions are essential for businesses looking to hire employees in countries where they don’t have a legal entity. Deel offers EOR services in over 100 countries, providing localized benefits and streamlined compliance document collection and management. This means that your business can confidently hire employees in these countries without worrying about legal complications.

Deel VS Oyster EOR solution

Oyster, on the other hand, provides EOR services in over 125 countries, including contractors and permanent employee recruitment for global teams. However, it’s worth noting that Oyster does not own all its local entities, which may result in a less seamless experience when hiring in different countries. Despite this potential drawback, Oyster’s extensive EOR coverage makes it a strong contender in the global employment platform space.

Contractor Management and Payments

When it comes to managing contractors and making payments, both Deel and Oyster offer comprehensive solutions. Deel provides a variety of tools, including the Deel card and Deel Advance, which allow for flexible payment options and the ability to issue virtual debit cards for expenses.

Oyster, on the other hand, offers a self-serve platform with lower costs, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to manage their contractors effectively without breaking the bank. This makes Oyster a viable alternative for businesses seeking a cost-effective solution for contractor management and to pay contractors.

Pricing and Plans: Deel vs Oyster

Understanding the costs associated with each platform and comparing their pricing plans is crucial in choosing between Deel and Oyster. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Deel and Oyster both offer three subscription packages.
  • They also provide additional add-ons and benefits.
  • Free trials are available for both platforms.
  • Custom quotes can be requested to create personalized plans tailored to your business’s unique needs.

In this section, we’ll break down the pricing options for both Deel and Oyster, highlighting the differences in their offerings and helping you determine which platform is the best fit for your budget.

Keep in mind that the pricing plans for each platform may be subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to consult their respective websites for the most up-to-date information when creating your business plan.

Deel Pricing Options

Deel offers three different payroll options:

Contractor PayrollStarts at $49 per month
Direct Employee PayrollRequires a custom quote based on your business’s needs
EOR PayrollStarts at $599 per month

It’s worth noting that Deel offers both fixed and Pay as You Go payment options, providing a degree of flexibility in how you manage your global workforce expenses. This makes Deel an attractive option for businesses seeking a customizable and cost-effective solution for their international hiring needs.

Oyster Pricing Tiers

Oyster provides three pricing tiers:

Contractor PlanStarts at $29 per contractor per month
Employee PlanStarts at $499 per employee per month when billed annually
Scale PlanPricing information not provided

Additionally, Oyster offers a Scale plan with comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans, with the employer covering 100% of the premium cost. This makes Oyster an appealing choice for businesses seeking a platform that not only streamlines their global workforce management but also provides attractive benefits for their employees.

Integration and API Capabilities

For businesses aiming to streamline their global workforce management processes, integration and API capabilities are pivotal. These allow the employment platform to connect with other tools and services. In this section, we’ll compare the integration and API capabilities of Deel and Oyster, showcasing their compatibility with popular third-party apps and services.

By understanding the integration capabilities of each platform, you’ll be better equipped to choose the solution that best fits your business’s existing infrastructure and enhances the overall efficiency of your global operations.

Keep in mind that, while we’ll provide an overview of the available integrations for both Deel and Oyster, it’s always a good idea to consult their respective websites for the most up-to-date information on compatible apps and services.

Deel Integrations

Deel integrates with a variety of popular platforms, including:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Netsuite
  • BambooHR

This makes it easy for businesses to manage their global team alongside their existing tools and services, including time off management.

Additionally, Deel offers a unique feature called “Engage,” which allows users to integrate their Slack account directly into the platform. This integration enables businesses to execute multiple functions directly from Slack, streamlining their communication and collaboration efforts.

Oyster Integrations

Oyster can integrate with popular platforms such as:

  • Quickbooks
  • BambooHR
  • Workday
  • Oracle

Through its developer API, these integrations allow businesses to seamlessly manage their global workforce alongside their existing tools and services, ensuring an efficient and streamlined experience for employee engagement.

By integrating Oyster with these popular platforms, businesses can simplify their global workforce management processes, reduce the risk of errors, and enhance collaboration across their international teams.

Customer Support and User Experience

Considering the level of customer support and the overall user experience each platform provides is crucial in the decision-making process between Deel and Oyster. A responsive and helpful support team can make all the difference when managing a global workforce and navigating the complexities of international hiring and payroll.

In this section, we’ll compare the customer support and user experience offered by Deel and Oyster, highlighting their responsiveness, ease of use, and overall satisfaction from users. Keep in mind that customer support experiences may vary, and it’s always a good idea to consult user reviews and testimonials to get a more comprehensive understanding of each platform’s customer support reputation.

Deel Customer Support

Deel offers the following features:

  • Responsive customer support
  • User-friendly platform
  • 24/7 in-app support
  • Speedy onboarding process

These features make it easy for businesses to manage their global workforce efficiently and quickly get up and running with the platform.

Additionally, Deel offers a free HIRS platform for exploring the system, allowing businesses to familiarize themselves with the platform’s features and capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Oyster Customer Support

Oyster provides dedicated customer support and additional HR tools to help businesses manage their global workforce effectively. While Oyster’s platform may have a slightly steeper learning curve for new users, its customer support team is renowned for their responsiveness, problem-solving capabilities, and proficiency in dealing with bureaucratic matters.

Oyster’s multilingual support staff, known as the oyster team, and their commitment to providing personalized support have been commended by users, making it a strong contender in terms of customer support and user experience.

Real-World Use Cases: Deel vs Oyster

To aid in your decision-making, we will explore some real-world use cases. These illustrate how businesses have effectively leveraged Deel and Oyster to manage their global workforce. Deel has been employed by various entities, including ShopifyNike, and Subway, to manage their distributed teams.

Oyster, on the other hand, is utilized for HR management, global project management, hiring and payroll, benefits administration, and compliance and automation.

These examples showcase the practical applications of Deel and Oyster in managing a global workforce and highlight the platforms’ ability to streamline processes, reduce barriers, and empower companies to harness the power of global talent.


In conclusion, both Deel and Oyster offer powerful solutions for businesses looking to manage their global workforce. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice for your business will depend on your unique needs and requirements. Deel offers a native payroll platform and local payroll experts for over 100 countries, while Oyster provides payroll services in 130+ countries with tax deduction automation and a self-service portal.

When choosing between these two global employment platforms, it’s essential to consider factors such as key features, pricing plans, integration capabilities, and customer support. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each platform, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision that best supports your business’s global expansion efforts.


Oyster is a comprehensive global platform designed to empower HR leaders to find, engage and manage remote workers. It facilitates the onboarding process, provides local health insurance, paid time off, and other employee benefits.

Owned by Tony Jamous and Jack Mardack, Oyster HR is a fully remote company founded in January 2020 with a diverse, globally distributed team.

Deel is a powerful solution to simplify managing your international workforce, offering comprehensive compliance and easy setup - all in a few minutes. With the flexibility to cover contractors and full-time employees, it's perfect for companies of any size and operating in any country.

Deel and Oyster provide comprehensive global payroll services, EOR solutions, and contractor management to support businesses' international hiring needs.

Oyster has more extensive global coverage for payroll services, providing it in over 130 countries compared to Deel's native platform in 100 countries.

Travis is a global business development advisor. He has spent the last 14 years supporting business establishment and development in North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. With multiple degrees from the University of Oregon, Travis currently splits his time between the US, and Bali, Indonesia. At RemotePad, Travis writes about remote work, hiring internationally and PEO/EOR business models.