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8 min read

Deel vs Remote: EOR Comparison & Alternatives (2023)

Deel Vs Remote

Key Takeaways

  • We compare Deel and Remote for Employer of Record and global payroll capabilities, HR management features, contractor management services, pricing plans & integrations.
  • Both providers offer comprehensive customer support with personalized assistance & resources for successful international payroll processing.
  • Real-life use cases illustrate strengths/weaknesses to help choose the right platform for your organization’s needs.

Deel and Remote are both sophisticated  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) global payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) platforms. They both simplify the process of hiring, onboarding, and paying workers in multiple countries by leveraging binding agreements with local governing bodies. Their primary purpose is to provide a platform for organizations to recruit personnel and contractors internationally without facing compliance or legal issues.

Deel and Remote target industries seeking alternative payroll solutions for remote teams and global contract employees.

Here we compare Deel and Remote, highlighting key areas such as global payroll capabilities, HR management features, contractor management services, and pricing plans. We will also discuss their integrations with popular HR and payroll platforms, customer support and resources, security and compliance measures, and real-life use cases.

This comparison aims to provide clarity on the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, enabling you to make an informed decision regarding your business’s global payroll needs.

Employer of Record Capabilities

Deel and Remote both offer comprehensive Employer of Record and global payroll capabilities, with wide country coverage and multiple payment methods, all while adhering to local regulations. They assist organizations in managing their global talent and remote teams by offering global employment services, including payroll and HR management.

However, there are some differences in their country coverage and payment methods:

  • Deel has wider coverage, hiring employees in 160+ countries while Remote has only 78
  • Remote only operates through its own subsidiaries, while Deel sub-contracts in some countries. This means added compliance risks and potentially slower service when dealing with Deel. 
  • Deel has no payroll-only option for all countries. It only provides payroll outsourcing without an Employer of Record in some locations. 

HR Management Features

Both Deel and Remote offer a range of HR management features, including onboarding, benefits management, and time-off tracking. Deel’s platform provides onboarding functionality for new hires and user-friendly dashboards to track payroll, benefits, and more. However, there are some differences in the HR management capabilities offered by Deel and Remote.

  • Deel concentrates mainly on recruiting and managing a skilled workforce. Remote provides additional HR management functionalities, including HR planning, time-off tracking, employment, and journey monitoring.
  • Deel does not have a dedicated analytics dashboard. However, its API can be connected to create personalized reports and operations. Remote offers a comprehensive set of tools that provide streamlined, integrated data on employees across the globe. Furthermore, it allows businesses to access this data quickly and easily.
  • Deel provides extensive benefits such as life insurance, medical insurance, pension schemes, and 401(k) tailored to individual countries. It also offers a comprehensive suite of benefits management tools, including the ability to create, evaluate, and monitor a list of applicable benefits. Remote has a less comprehensive range of benefits. 

Ultimately, the choice between Deel and Remote in terms of HR management features will depend on your organization’s specific needs and priorities.

Contractor Management Services

Contractor management is a common add-on service for Employers of Record, and both Deel and Remote offer services in this area. This includes onboarding, invoicing, and localized contracts, as part of their contractor management package. Remote additionally provides contract services to safeguard your intellectual property when hiring overseas.

Deel’s contractor management plan offers:

  • 15 distinct payment methods, including the Deel card
  • a debit card that contractors can utilize to make payments directly from their Deel account using a reliable currency.
  • The ability for U.S. workers to easily generate and file their W-9s and 1099s with a single click. It’s a quick and convenient process!
  • Upgrades to Deel Shield or Deel Premium providing additional safeguards against contractor misclassification.

Remote’s contractor plan offers the following features:

  • Automated onboarding and approval payments with a single click
  • Ability to schedule recurring invoices
  • Localized contracts that have been verified by legal professionals and comply with all applicable tax and employment laws.

When it comes to contractor management services, both Deel and Remote offer robust solutions that cater to the diverse needs of organizations managing global talent, including recruitment management and vacation management.

Pricing Plans

Both Deel and Remote offer Employer of Record pricing beginning at $599 per employee, per month. Remote offers slightly cheaper contractor prices, starting at $29 per employee per month compared to $49 with Deel. 

Depending on the size and needs of your organization, the pricing plans of Deel and Remote may offer different advantages and disadvantages, and it is crucial to carefully evaluate which platform best aligns with your budget and requirements.

Deel Pricing

Deel EORStarting from $599 per month per employee, depending on the country of hire
Deel Contractors$49 per month per contractor
Deel Global PayrollPrice available on demand, in some countries
Deel HR (HRIS)Free
Deel ImmigrationPrice available on demand

Remote Pricing

Remote EORStarting from $599 per month per employee, depending on the country of hire
Remote Contractors$29 per month contractor
Remote Global PayrollPrice available on demand
Remote HR (HRIS)Free

Integrations and Compatibility

Integrations and compatibility with popular HR and payroll platforms play a significant role in choosing a global payroll solution, as they can streamline processes and improve overall efficiency. 

By understanding the integrations and compatibility of Deel and Remote with other platforms, you can ensure that your chosen Employer of Record solution will seamlessly integrate with your existing HR and payroll infrastructure, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for your organization.

Deel Integrations

Deel provides integrations with a variety of applications and platforms, including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Wurkr. These integrations allow for seamless communication and data sharing between Deel and these platforms, simplifying payroll management and improving overall efficiency for Deel users.

In addition to these integrations, Deel also offers connections with other applications in the following areas:

Accounting IntegrationsQuickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, Expensify
HR IntegrationsBamboo HR, Jibble
HiringAshby, Greenhouse, Bob
Deel APIFor custom integration

Remote Integrations

Remote is currently integrated with Greenhouse, a popular applicant-tracking system that helps organizations streamline their recruitment processes. It also has integrations with Zapier (for data syncing), BambooHR, Hibob,Personio and Zelt (for HR), as well as Easop for global equity payments. 

Remote also has a collaboration with Gusto known as ‘Gusto Global, powered by Remote’, meaning Remote customers get all the benefits of a US payroll and benefits provider. 

Data IntegrationsZapier
HR IntegrationsGreenhouse, Personio, BambooHR
HiringHibob, Zelt
Remote APIFor custom integrations

Customer Support and Resources

Customer support and resources are crucial considerations when choosing a global payroll solution, as they can directly impact the user experience and overall satisfaction with the platform. Deel provides email support, 24/7 chat, and support blogs and resources. Remote offers email support, 24/7 chat, forum questions, and resources, as well as a panel of local HR experts.

The following sections will examine the customer support options offered by Deel and Remote, focusing on their efficacy in aiding users and addressing concerns.

By examining the customer support and resources offered by Deel and Remote, you can gain insight into the level of assistance you can expect from each platform, ensuring that you choose a global payroll solution that provides the necessary support and resources for your organization.

Deel Customer Support

Deel customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and can be contacted by submitting a request on their website. They are dedicated to providing immediate support to ensure smooth payroll processing for your team. This level of accessibility and responsiveness is essential for organizations managing global payroll, as it helps mitigate potential issues and ensures a seamless user experience through a reliable site connection.

In addition to their live chat and request submission options, Deel provides a knowledge base with helpful articles and FAQs to assist customers with their payroll processing needs. This wealth of resources allows users to quickly and easily find answers to common questions and concerns, further enhancing the overall customer support experience provided by Deel.

Remote Customer Support

Remote provides a range of customer support services, including:

  • Email assistance
  • 24/7 chat
  • Forum questions and resources
  • Access to a panel of local HR experts

Users often express that Remote’s customer service is highly personalized and that they feel as though they are partnering with Remote to achieve successful outcomes.

This level of support, combined with the diverse range of resources and assistance offered by Remote, ensures that users can confidently navigate the complexities of international payroll management. By providing prompt and effective support, Remote demonstrates its commitment to delivering a top-notch user experience for its customers.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are of paramount importance when dealing with sensitive employee data and adhering to international hiring regulations. Both Deel and Remote have implemented measures to protect user data and ensure legal compliance.

In the upcoming sections, we will assess the security and compliance measures implemented by Deel and Remote, considering their effectiveness in protecting user data and meeting legal obligations.

Understanding the security and compliance measures implemented by Deel and Remote will enable you to choose a global payroll solution that best aligns with your organization’s security needs and compliance requirements, ensuring a secure and legally compliant experience.

Deel Security and Compliance

Deel places a high priority on customer data protection, adhering to the globally recognized information security standard, SOC 2. Additionally, Deel has a team of over 200 in-house legal experts and operates as a legal entity in more than 120 countries, ensuring that users remain compliant with local regulations.

Deel has adopted GDPR, SOC2, and ISO 27001 to ensure compliance with international hiring regulations. By implementing these security and compliance measures, Deel demonstrates its commitment to providing a secure and compliant global payroll solution for its users.

Remote Security and Compliance

Remote employs advanced security measures to guarantee the safety of remote work environments. These measures include:

  • Encryption
  • Access controls
  • Secure communication channels
  • Regular audits

Additionally, Remote offers indemnity coverage to safeguard customers from potential liabilities.

Remote strictly adheres to all applicable local laws and regulations, ensuring that users remain compliant with international hiring requirements. By implementing these robust security and compliance measures, Remote provides a secure and legally compliant global payroll solution for organizations managing international payroll and HR processes.

Real-Life Use Cases

In order to further illustrate the practical applications of Deel and Remote, let’s explore some real-life use cases of companies utilizing these platforms for their global payroll and HR needs. Binance, Redstone, and Slite are among the companies that make use of Deel for their international payroll needs. These organizations benefit from Deel’s capabilities in managing international teams, payroll management for remote workers, and global payments.

On the other hand, Arduino, GitLab, and Loom are some prominent partners that rely on Remote. These organizations appreciate Remote’s comprehensive HR management features, a broad range of integrations, and outstanding customer support.

Although both Deel and Remote present distinct strengths and weaknesses, considering your organization’s unique needs and priorities is pivotal when choosing a global payroll solution. The real-life use cases discussed above highlight the diverse applications of these platforms in managing international payroll and HR processes and can provide valuable insights into the potential benefits and drawbacks of each platform for your organization. 

Deel vs Remote – Your Choice

Throughout this comprehensive comparison of Deel and Remote, we have explored their EOR and global payroll capabilities, HR management features, contractor management services, pricing plans, integrations and compatibility with popular HR and payroll platforms, customer support and resources, and security and compliance measures. Each platform offers unique advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between Deel and Remote will largely depend on your organization’s specific needs and priorities.

To read more about why Deel might be a good option for you check out 

Alternatives to Deel and Remote

Deel and Remote may not always offer the service you need, or have the price that suits your budget. Some alternative Employers of Record include: 

  1. Horizons. A major advantage of Horizons over either Deel or Remote is that Horizons is more affordable for most businesses, with prices starting at $299 per employee per month. Read more about their offerings in our 2023 Horizons HR review
  2. Velocity Global. Velocity Global offers many of the same features as Deel or Remote, but with universal international coverage and a deep commitment to customer service. 
  3. G-P. Globalization Partners (G-P) offers tiered employment solutions depending on the needs of the business, including recruitment support. This is a major benefit for any company needing end-to-end HR support


Based on user reviews, Deel and Remote both offer excellent value for money and features. However, Deel has more reviews with a slightly lower rating than Remote, indicating a potential edge in favor of Remote.

Deel is mostly remote, offering full-time hours with flexible schedules and partial or 100% remote flexibility. The headquarters is based in San Francisco, but Deel allows its team to work from anywhere, helping them achieve their desired personal and professional goals.

Based on the reviews left anonymously by employees, Deel has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5. 78% of employees would recommend it to a friend and 76% have a positive outlook for the business. All evidence points to Deel being a legitimate company.

Yes, Deel works in USA. It enables companies to hire full-time employees or independent contractors in the country quickly, easily, and compliantly. Deel also automates tax document collection, payroll, benefits, and more.

Deel and Remote target industries in need of payroll solutions for remote teams and global contract employees.

Article By
Travis is a global business development advisor. He has spent the last 14 years supporting business establishment and development in North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. With multiple degrees from the University of Oregon, Travis currently splits his time between the US, and Bali, Indonesia.At RemotePad, Travis writes about remote work, hiring internationally and PEO/EOR business models.

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