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Employer of Record (EOR) in Italy

An Italy Employer of Record (EoR), also known as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), is a business entity that companies employ to handle all employment-related responsibilities on their behalf. They cater to domestic and foreign companies seeking to expand their operations or hire employees in Italy without establishing a formal presence.

Key Takeaways

  • This article explores the concept of an Italy Employer of Record (EOR), detailing its functions and impact in Italy.
  • It provides an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of working with an EoR in Italy.
  • The article highlights the top 5 leading Italy Employers of Record: Deel, Remote, Safeguard Global, Horizons, and Global Expansion (GX).
  • The conclusion summarizes the crucial points discussed, followed by an FAQ section that answers the most common questions about Italy EORs.

What is an Italy Employer of Record?

An Italy EoR is responsible for an array of crucial tasks, including payroll management, tax compliance, and legal administration. Furthermore, it acts as a liaison between the employees and the foreign company, ensuring the latter’s policies align with Italy’s employment laws, tax codes, and regulations.

How does an Italy Employer of Record work?

An Italy EoR functions through a business model known as “co-employment”. Here, the EoR and the client company share responsibilities and obligations towards the employees. Essentially, the EoR becomes the official employer on record for tax and legal purposes, while the client company retains operational control over the employees.

To illustrate, the Italy EoR would manage HR-related issues, process payroll, handle tax withholding, ensure legal compliance, manage benefits, and navigate local employment laws. On the other hand, the client company continues to manage the day-to-day duties of its employees, providing work tasks, maintaining the work environment, and overseeing performance.

What are the benefits of an Italy Employer of Record?

The benefits of using an Italy EoR are considerable, particularly for companies looking to expand their operations internationally.

  1. Mitigation of Legal Risk: An Italy EoR reduces potential legal risks by ensuring that all employment practices adhere to Italian labor laws and regulations.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Establishing a business entity in Italy requires significant investment, but using an EoR allows foreign companies to employ local talent without this initial outlay.
  3. Efficient Recruitment and Retention: EoRs have in-depth knowledge of Italy’s job market, ensuring a smoother hiring process and aiding in employee retention with their understanding of local employment practices.
  4. Payroll and Tax Management: EoRs effectively manage payroll, tax, and benefits, eliminating potential complexities and errors in these areas.

What are the disadvantages of an Italy Employer of Record?

While an Italy EoR presents numerous benefits, there are certain disadvantages to consider.

  • Reduced Control: Since the EoR is the legal employer, companies might experience a perceived loss of control over HR processes.
  • Dependency: Companies become reliant on the EoR for understanding Italy’s complex employment laws, which could lead to complacency in developing internal expertise.
  • Costs: While an EoR may reduce initial costs of business expansion, the ongoing fees for their services can add up over time.

Top 5 leading Italy Employer of Records

  1. Deel: Deel is renowned for its technology-driven approach to global hiring and compliance. Its platform simplifies the process of hiring and managing employees in Italy, ensuring full compliance with local laws.
  2. Remote: Remote offers robust payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions. With its deep knowledge of Italy’s employment landscape, it provides excellent support to companies hiring in the country.
  3. Safeguard Global: Known for its global reach and local expertise, Safeguard Global offers comprehensive EoR services in Italy. It is particularly recognized for its ability to navigate the complexities of Italian labor laws.
  4. Horizons: Horizons’ experience in international business services, including EoR services in Italy, makes it a trusted choice. It offers expert guidance on Italy’s complex regulations, reducing risk for client companies.
  5. Global Expansion (GX): GX stands out with its focus on technology and AI to drive its EoR services. It provides efficient and reliable EoR services in Italy, leveraging advanced technology to manage compliance and payroll.


Using an Italy Employer of Record offers a practical way for companies to expand their operations in Italy. It allows for seamless navigation of Italy’s complex labor laws and regulations, reducing legal risks and enhancing efficiency. However, as with any business decision, it is essential to weigh the potential drawbacks against the benefits.


An Italy EoR can manage the complexities of Italian labor laws, payroll, and tax systems, allowing you to focus on your business operations. They can also help hire and manage Italian employees, mitigating the legal risks associated with international expansion.

Yes, an Italy EoR can facilitate the hiring process. They have in-depth knowledge of the local job market and can help source, hire, and onboard new employees in accordance with Italian laws and regulations.