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4 min read

Procorre Global becomes Gibson Watts Global — the Very Next Day, Procorre LLP Named Tax Avoidance Scheme

Procorre is Gibson Watts Global

Procorre has recently been named by HMRC — the UK Tax Authority — in connection with the tax avoidance scheme. At about the same time, Procorre Global changed its name to Gibson Watts Global.  Here we explain the tax avoidance scheme, other allegations made against the company, and what this means for employees and others in the industry. 

On February 29 2024, after a long investigation, the UK tax authority, HMRC, officially judged Procorre LLP a tax avoidance scheme, recommending that “anyone involved should get out as soon as possible.” 

On February 28 2024, Procorre Global Ltd changed its name to Gibson Watts Global Ltd. 

What’s the connection between Procorre, Gibson Watts Global, and tax avoidance? In this update, we explain how the Procorre tax avoidance scheme works, other allegations of wrongdoing, and what to do if you are caught up in it. 

Procorre LLP Determined a Tax Avoidance Scheme

Under its legal powers, HMRC names certain companies, businesses and their promoters as tax avoidance schemes. The primary purpose of this list is to warn those who might be tempted to participate in such a scheme not to do so. 

It is also intended to warn those who have participated in such a scheme that they should contact HMRC to establish that they have met their tax and national insurance obligations. 

On February 29, 2024, the following people and entities connected to Procorre LLP were named and shamed: 

  • Procorre LLP (Registered in Singapore) 
  • Corre Holdings SA (Registered in Switzerland) 
  • Mr Darren Patrick-Green (also known as Mr Darren Green) 
  • Mr Jason Bougourd / Ms Alizeh Nanji

These were found to be people/entities suspected of promoting the tax avoidance scheme or connected to it

What Is the Connection between Procorre, Gibson Watts Global, and Tax Avoidance?

Procorre and those who control or are associated with it have operated through a complex web of entities. Below, we explain the connection between these people and entities:

  1. Procorre LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in Singapore. This entity, which still operates, is the vehicle through which tax avoidance is promoted. 
  2. Corre Holdings SA (CHSA) is the Switzerland-based holding company of the Procorre Management Consulting Group. It has multiple associated entities around the world, many of which bear the “Procorre” label. Darren Patrick-Green, resident of the United Arab Emirates, is the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) of CHSA. CHSA is the majority owner of Procorre LLP. 
  3. Procorre Global Ltd is a UK private limited company established on December 16, 2020. On February 28, 2024, one day before the UK tax authority released its finding, it changed its name to Gibson Watts Global Ltd. Up until April 2023, Darren Patrick-Green was listed as a person of significant control of the company. In April 2023, he was replaced by Anne Margaret O’Donnell, who is listed as the current CEO. 
  4. Procorre (UK) Ltd is a separate UK private limited company, still operating under that name, formerly majority-owned and controlled by CHSA. Up until February 27, 2024, Anne Margaret O’Donnell was a director of this company. 

To summarize this intricate web: Procorre LLP, CHSA, and Darren Patrick-Green were all named in the tax avoidance determination. Procorre Global Ltd, which now operates as Gibson Watts Global, was formerly controlled by Darren Patrick-Green. 

How Did the Procorre Tax Avoidance Scheme Work?

UK contractors join the Singapore-registered Procorre LLP to avoid paying UK Income Tax and National Insurance contributions. The scheme works as follows:

  1. Contractors and their Personal Service Companies (PSCs) contract with their clients to provide services.
  2. The PSCs invoice their clients and transfer money received to Procorre LLP.
  3. Procorre LLP deducts a fee and then returns the remainder to the contractors or their PSCs in the UK. 
  4. Contractors in the UK receive this money in various forms, including untaxed drawings, pre-paid expense cards, and “business development fund payments.” 

HMRC determined that these payments should be subject to both Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions. In light of this, anyone involved is advised to leave the arrangement and contact HMRC as soon as possible

When and Why Did Procorre Change Names to Gibson Watts Global?

Procorre Global is an international Professional Employer Organization and Employer of Record, enabling international clients to hire employees or contractors anywhere in the world. 

According to official government records, on February 28, Procorre Global Ltd changed its name to Gibson Watts Global Ltd, one day before Procorre LLP was publicly named as a tax avoidance scheme on February 29. 

That very same week, Procorre Global redirected its entire website from procorre.global to global.gibsonwatts.com. 

The name may have changed, but the CEO and majority owner of the company, Anne Margaret-O’Donnell, remains the same. 

Gibson Watts Global is not transparent about its former name, Procorre Global, on its website, nor has it mentioned this in any press release. 

What Does the Procorre Tax Avoidance Scheme Mean for Contractors?

Any contractors involved in the Procorre LLP scheme are advised to contact HMRC to deal with any potential back taxes and National Insurance liability. At the same time, contractors might consider legal advice concerning any other parties involved. 

What Are the Other Allegations Against Procorre/Gibson Watts Global?

The connection between Procorre and tax avoidance is not new. As far back as 2015, there have been public reports that Procorre used a tax avoidance structure. 

There have also been reports of other wrongdoing, aside from tax allegations: In 2020, a former employee reported that Procorre were not paying employee salaries, in breach of UK labor law. 

RemotePad received evidence in March 2024 that Procorre/Gibson Watts Global is still doing it, recently leaving both employees and their Employer of Record partners unpaid

What Does This Mean for the EOR/PEO Industry?

International EOR and PEO services are fundamentally about compliance. These providers ensure that international employees and contractors are paid and all employment taxes and compulsory contributions withheld or deducted. 

Until last year, Gibson Watts Global/Procorre Global was controlled by someone who has been named and shamed for a tax avoidance scheme. Not only that, there is no transparency on their website, or anywhere else about their connection to the scheme. 

It is crucial that all companies, contractors and employees do their due diligence on the compliance history of PEOs, EORs, and the people who control them. 

For other PEOs and EORs, Procorre is a warning: Non-compliance with tax and labor laws can have serious consequences

To read more about the Procorre tax avoidance structure see the HMRC press release


Procorre Global changed its name to Gibson Watts Global in February 2024. The legal management structure remains the same. 

They are both entities associated with Corre Holdings SA and its former majority owner Darren Patrick-Green and part of the broader "Procorre" or "Corre" brand. 

Corre Energy is a Dublin-listed green energy provider. Up until February 2024, the President and Executive Director of Corre Energy was Darren Patrick-Green. 

A company controlled by Darren Patrick-Green (Bloomsbury Holding Ltd) still holds 38 percent of the shares of Corre Energy.