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Globalization Partners (G-P) Review: Features, Pricing & EOR Alternatives

Globalization Partners Review

Our verdict

Our verdict

Globalization Partners (G-P) is one of the pioneers of the Employer of Record (EOR) industry and is widely considered the leading EOR provider for businesses that need a comprehensive global expansion solution.

  • High-quality customer support
  • Extensive add-on services

bad handCons

  • EOR pricing not available online
  • Does not have a payroll-only solution
Globalization Partners logo Visit Globalization Partners (G-P)

Score 8.7 out of 10

How is this calculated?

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Learn more by reading our testing and review methodology.



Monthly fees

Not publicly released

Payment options

ACH or SWIFT/Wire Transfer

As businesses look to expand into new markets worldwide, they need a partner that understands the laws, regulations, and requirements of global business markets. That’s where an international Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can best support businesses as they navigate expansion in foreign markets. 

Founded in 2012, Massachusetts-based Globalization Partners (G-P) is recognized as a leader in providing global expansion services. One of the pioneers of the EOR industry, the company has assisted businesses of all sizes and across all verticals to launch their international operations quickly and efficiently. 

Here we take a deep dive into the Globalization Partners (G-P) service and highly what sets theior business apaart from others. 


Globalization Partners (G-P) is a global provider of HR, payroll, and compliance services that make it more accessible for companies to expand internationally. Having been in business since 2012., the company has offices in key markets across the world. In 2022 it was recognized as one of the top 5 leaders in the world by the 2022 Everest Group PEAK Matrix®  assessment

The company’s extensive network of experts allows them to provide clients with solutions that simplify complex processes like international payroll management, taxes, and benefits compliance. Additionally, the company employs an innovative platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model, making it easier for businesses to comply with complex regulations and establish a legal presence abroad.

Key features

By managing the complexities of global expansion and delivering solutions tailored to each unique payroll location, Globalization Partners (G-P) ensure that businesses maintain a competitive global presence. In addition, Globalization Partners (G-P) eliminates the need for businesses to build in-house divisions or manage numerous localized employment processes. This reduces both the cost and the risk associated with entering new payroll markets. 

Globalization Partners (G-P) provide payroll, tax, and benefits processing, ensuring legal compliance and straightforward payroll administration in any international business endeavor. The company also assists its clients to navigate foreign laws, whether they’re breaking into a new market, replicating a current operation, or even expanding their global reach with merger and acquisition activity.

Here are Globalization Partners (G-P)’  key features:

Employer of Record

At its core, an Employer of Record (EOR) provides businesses with the ability to quickly and easily hire employees worldwide while removing the worry about setting up a legal entity in each country. It works by outsourcing the administrative tasks associated with hiring international employees — such as payroll, benefits, taxes, and more — to experts who specialize in global employment law. 

As the EOR, Globalization Partners (G-P) take care of all labor law compliance, payroll setup, and filing taxes. This enables businesses to focus on establishing their operations quickly and compliantly in any country they choose. Thus, it is an innovative solution to setting up business internationally, giving employers more time to make their expansion goals a reality.

Globaloization Partners (G-P) has more partnerships than any other EOR, partnering with 400 prominent companies, including leading US PEOs ADP, TriNet and Paychex.


Globalization Partners’  (G-P)  payroll platform means a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to expand across borders. It allows employers to outsource their international payroll needs, from processing payments to complying with taxes and local regulations. 

Beyond simple payroll processing, Globalization Partners (G-P) gives organizations access to experts who can help handle many of the nuances of setting up foreign entities and managing their ongoing growth. By simplifying processes that are often time-consuming or expensive to complete on their own, Globalization Partners  (G-P) helps companies save money while being compliant in most markets they enter. The result is that businesses can quickly scale into new countries without sacrificing quality along the way.


As an employer, it’s important to understand the complexities of your human resources department. It can be difficult to keep up with changing laws, regulations, and best practices, so many employers turn to third-party service providers like Globalization Partners (G-P) for help. 

Business owners understand it is paramount to have the right people within their organization. If their business is international, they must ensure that all of their employees are treated fairly and given the same opportunities regardless of their nationality. 

With their team of international HR professionals, they can provide end-to-end services that can help global companies navigate the various complexities of global HR. From dealing with overseas employee contracts and compliance laws to setting up a compliant payroll system, Globalization Partners’  (G-P) Human Resources is regarded as reliable, efficient, and experienced in all aspects of HR management.


In today’s global market, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape. Companies need to be able to quickly and easily adapt their processes to remain competitive. Fortunately, Globalization Partners (G-P) has created an innovative platform featuring a suite of services that make global expansion much easier. The platform combines all-in-one functionality to integrate IT, HR, finance, and other essential workplace functions. 

Globalization Partners (G-P) is recognized as a leader in global employee leasing, also known as the Employer of Record (EOR) model. This model helps companies quickly hire employees worldwide without having to set up a foreign entity or obtain local licenses. The EOR model also provides scalable access to local talent and ensures compliance with local labor laws in more than 185 countries worldwide. 

With Globalization Partners (G-P) companies can outsource HR functions like payroll processing, visa management, onboarding and offboarding procedures, as well as offer competitive benefits packages that are tailored to meet their individual needs. This PEO solution allows companies to focus on scaling their business while minimizing risk and ensuring compliance with local labor laws in the country they choose to operate in.

Plans & Pricing

Globalization Partners offers several pricing packages for their clients: 

  1. G-P Meridian Core™ — this is the core EOR offering. Onboarding and offboarding, payroll and compliance, extensive benefits packages, as well as recruitment services. Pricing is available by contacting Globalization Partners (G-P). 
  2. G‑P Meridian Prime— this is the premium Globalization Partners (G-P) offering. EOR clients get the ‘white gloves’ treatment, with expert consultation on global expansion matters, as well as mergers & acquisitions. Pricing is available by consultation. 

  3. G-P Meridian Contractor™  — the contractor hiring solution with no monthly fee for 2024
  4. G-P Meridian Recruit™ — the recruitment service for businesses that need support with talent acquistion. Pricing is available by inquiring with Globalization Partners (G-P). 

User reviews

We analyzed customer and employee reviews of Globalization Partners (G-P), revealing scores of: 

Pros and Cons 


Benefits of engaging Globalization Partners include: 

  • Broad expansion and hiring expertise — the biggest advantage of partnering with Globalization Partners (G-P) is that they provide access to resources and expertise that are hard to find on your own. For instance, they can help you navigate the complex process of setting up an international entity, as well as find and manage local resources such as local payroll, legal counsel, and tax experts. This results in saving time and money by allowing you to focus on the most important task of growing your business. Globalization Partners (G-P) has a broad range of HR partners and integrations. 
  • Cost savings — Globalization Partners (G-P) also offers its clients the ability to efficiently enter new markets without the need for major capital investments or long-term commitments. This means that businesses can quickly test different markets to see if they are a good fit before committing too much time or money. This flexibility also allows businesses to scale up or down if needed, which can be a great advantage when dealing with ever-changing global markets
  • High-quality customer support, with round-the-clock customer service and access to genuine expertise
  • Valuable add-ons, such as G-P Meridian Recruit™, and G-P Meridian Contractor™which integrate completely with the EOR platform. 


Potential drawbacks of Globalization Partners (G-P) include:

  • Pricing is not transparent, with prices for G-P Meridian Contractor™ only being listed on their website 
  • The lack of a payroll-only solution, which may be desired by companies that all ready have a subsidiary in place in the country of expansion. 

Unique Selling Point

Globalization Partners (G-P) provides a level of wrap-around support that is unrivalled in the EOR industry.  With it’s different levels of EOR product, contractor and recruitment services, and global expansion consulting services, Globalization Partners (G-P) ranks number one EOR for add-on services.

RemotePad Score for Globalization Partners (G-P)


8.7/10 Our expert score for Globalization Partners (G-P)

Our team came to this score by considering the following components in the following weightings:

Employer of Record features 25%
Payroll features 10%
HR features 10%
Compliance features 10%
Platform features 10%
Pricing 20%
User reviews 15%

For each component, Globalization Partners (G-P) received the following score:

Employer of Record features 20/25
Payroll features 9/10
HR features 10/10
Compliance features 10/10
Platform features 10/10
Pricing 15/20
User reviews 13/15

Top competitors and alternatives

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Global EOR

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Monthly fee per employee
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Remote vs G-P

Top provider for:
Direct EOR solutions

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Deel vs G-P

Top provider for:

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Globalization Partners (G-P) – our take

Globalization Partners (G-P) is the ideal EOR solution for companies that seek hands-on support and extensive additional HR services. With extensive industry experience, multiple product layers, free contractor services, and a state-of-the-art hiring platform, Globalization Partners (G-P) is one of the world’s leading Employers of Record. 


Globalization Partners (G-P) has its headquarters in Boston and San Diego, In addition, it has regional hub offices in Germany, the UAE, India, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and the UK.

Globalization Partners (G-P) has raised $350 million over two investment rounds in 2020 and 2022 from four investors. 

in 2023, Globalization Partners (G-P) hit $300 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and and 59 percent year-over-year customer growth. 

Travis is a global business development advisor. He has spent the last 14 years supporting business establishment and development in North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. With multiple degrees from the University of Oregon, Travis currently splits his time between the US, and Bali, Indonesia. At RemotePad, Travis writes about remote work, hiring internationally and PEO/EOR business models.