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How to Apply for a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa: Requirements and Procedure

Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

Croatia Digital Nomad – Key Points

  • Digital nomadism has become more common since the pandemic
  • Many countries, including Croatia, now issue visas specifically for digital nomads
  • Croatia’s digital nomad visa is available to non-EU nationals
  • Croatia’s visa lets you stay in the country for up to 12 months
  • You cannot extend the visa but you can apply for another after six months

Digital nomadism – working remotely whilst travelling between different countries – has risen dramatically since the Coronavirus pandemic made sweeping changes to the way we work. As this lifestyle grows in popularity, countries around the world are beginning to take note and issue visas that are aimed specifically at digital nomads. Exact rules vary between different countries but generally a digital nomad visa lets you remain in the country for a longer period, provided that you’re working remotely for a company or clients based outside of the country.

One of the countries that now issues a digital nomad visa is Croatia. This visa gives you the opportunity to remain in the country whilst you work for an overseas employer or clients for an extended period of time. If you’re keen to explore this country whilst you work remotely, keep reading to learn more about the Croatia digital nomad visa.

What is the Croatia digital nomad visa?

The Croatia digital nomad visa is a visa category that’s aimed at remote employees and freelance workers. The country started issuing these visas on 1st January 2021. They offer a new way for non-EU nationals to live in Croatia for an extended period of time. In introducing this visa, Croatia follows other countries that have already introduced a digital nomad visa including SpainEstonia and Costa Rica

Members of other EU states are automatically permitted to relocate to Croatia without any additional visas or permits and therefore the visa is not available to nationals of these countries.

Although the name includes the word visa, this digital nomad visa is actually a type of residence permit. It allows you to remain in Croatia for a maximum period of 12 months, which is longer than the digital nomad visas offered by many other countries. It’s not possible to extend the visa at the end of this period but you can make a new application six months after your visa has expired. When your visa expires you must leave the country for at least 90 days. To apply for the visa you’ll need to have a minimum monthly income of €2,300 ($2,545), be a remote worker, and provide some evidence to support your application.

You might already be familiar with more traditional work and business visas, but these are not the same as a digital nomad visa: Work visas allow you to live and start work in a country and might be valid for several years. For some people this is the first step towards permanent residency or citizenship in another country. A business visa, by contrast, is a short-term visa with a validity similar to a tourist visa. It allows the holder to temporarily enter a country to conduct business activities.

The key factor that distinguishes a Croatia digital nomad visa from a regular Croatia work visa is that the employee must work remotely for an employer based overseas

How do I apply for the Croatia digital nomad visa?

The process for applying for a Croatian digital nomad visa is generally straightforward. You’ll need to submit your completed application in addition to providing other supporting evidence. You can either apply online or make an appointment at a Croatian embassy or consulate.

To apply for this visa:

  • Decide whether to apply online or make an appointment at your nearest embassy
  • Complete the application form – this must be printed if you’re applying in person
  • Gather the supporting documents for your application and submit
  • Register your residence upon arrival in Croatia.

Which documents are required for the digital nomad visa?

You’ll need to submit a number of documents with your application. It’s essential that you understand what to submit because missing documents might mean that your application is delayed or rejected. If your application is rejected it might affect your ability to apply for another Croatian visa in the future. If you’re unsure about what documents to provide it’s advisable to contact your nearest embassy for confirmation.

The documents you need to submit are:

  • A passport valid for at least three months after your visa will expire
  • Bank statements proving your income and that you work for a company outside of Croatia
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • A statement of the purpose of your visit
  • Evidence of a clean criminal record
  • Evidence of accommodation in Croatia.

Work as a digital nomad in Croatia

For professionals who want to travel and work remotely, digital nomad visas can be a great tool for helping you achieve the lifestyle you want. If you’re keen to live in and work remotely from Croatia for an extended period of time, the country’s digital nomad visa might be a good fit for you. Carrying out thorough research into the visa options available can help you to choose the most suitable option and make the most of your time working remotely in Croatia.

If you would like professional support in the process of applying for a digital nomad visa in Croatia, consider the support of a global Professional Employer Organization that assists with immigration and visas. 


While a relatively new phenomenon, a range of countries now offer specific digital nomad or remote work visas including Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Colombia and Croatia. 

H2: How much does a Croatia digital nomad visa cost?

There are different costs associated with applying for Croatia’s digital nomad visa. Applying for the digital nomad visa costs €60 ($66). Once you’re in Croatia you’ll also need to obtain a residence card – from an embassy the application fee for this is €40 ($44) or €30 ($33) if you apply at a police station in Croatia. If you lose your residence card and need a new copy you’ll have to pay an additional fee for the replacement.