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4 min read

10 Valid Reasons to Work From Home & Ditch The Commute

10 Valid Reasons to Work From Home & Ditch The Commute
4 min read

10 Valid Reasons to Work From Home & Ditch The Commute

Key points

  • Working from home generally saves time and money, as well as boosting productivity
  • Being able to work from home can lead to healthier and happier employees
  • Working from home creates flexibility for employees and an improved work-life balance
  • Remote workers can often work more collaboratively
  • Employers can access a wider pool of talent with remote workers.

With developments in technology and cultural changes, it’s now more common than ever to work from home. There are ample benefits to doing this and not just for employees; there are advantages for employers too. If you’re debating whether to make the switch, there are some great reasons for doing so. Keep reading to find out why it might be time to ditch your commute and start working from home.

1. Increased productivity

Many people who work from home report increased productivity compared to working in the office. When you’re in an office full of people there are bound to be distractions and disruptions, whether it’s the noise level, meetings, or just regular interactions. Working from home means fewer distractions and more control over your environment. You can set yourself up to be at your most productive and can focus without interruptions — this is especially true where an asynchronous working style is adopted. 


2. Reduced commute time and costs

Commuting costs money, whether you’re spending on public transport or filling your car with gas. You also have to factor in the time spent travelling to and from work into your day – over the course of a year this can add up to a significant amount of time and money. Working from home, even if you’re still heading into the office on occasion, can drastically cut these amounts, leaving you with more money and time to devote to things that really matter to you.

3. Greater flexibility

Work can be challenging if you need a full-time position but also have commitments like childcare or education. Although some jobs you can work from home have a fixed schedule, often these positions give you a flexible working schedule. This gives you greater control and the ability to work when it suits you. You also have flexibility over your work location – you might choose to always work at home or sometimes head into the office. You can also work from another location, for example, whilst you travel.


4. Better work-life balance

With more control over your time and more flexibility in how you work, home working often creates a better work-life balance. This can make it easier to cope with work-related stresses and avoid burnout. The flexible schedule that often comes with remote work lets you control when you start and finish work and how you organize your time. This makes it easier to fit your job alongside priorities and commitments in your personal life, and can increase your happiness and morale.

5. Improved mental and physical health

One valuable benefit of working from home is that it can improve physical and mental health. When your health is taken care of, you’re better able to perform at work and in other areas of your life. Working remotely can lower stress, limit exposure to illness, ensure your comfort whilst you’re working, and allow more time to take care of yourself. This includes taking proper breaks, eating healthily, and having time for exercise and personal interests.

6. Environment benefits

Many organizations are prioritizing ways to be more sustainable. Working from home is a great way to support these aims. When fewer people are commuting it reduces pollution and congestion on the roads. This lowers the carbon footprint of individual workers, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the entire company when a large part of the workforce ditches the commute.


7. More comfortable work environment

If you feel comfortable at work it makes it easier to be productive. Working at home gives you control of your workspace – you can set your work station up in the way that suits you and can control the temperature, light, and noise levels. This is more challenging in a shared work environment where everyone has different needs and preferences. Being in control of the environment helps you to feel happier and more comfortable, allowing you to work effectively.

8. Cost savings 

Working from home can offer significant financial savings, whether you’re doing it full-time or you have a hybrid schedule. Avoiding a commute is one of the major ways that you can save but you can also save in other areas. You won’t need to spend money on lunches during your workday or buy new work-appropriate clothing. Employers can also save money with remote workers. Fewer employees who are physically present reduces the need for workspace. Money for rent can then be invested into other areas of the business.

9. Increased collaboration and communication

Developments in technology make it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate with people in another location. Because home workers are in an isolated setting, there’s a tendency to communicate with other team members, clients, and managers more than if you’re sharing a space. Increased communication helps teams to work together effectively, build stronger relationships, and boost performance. This is another way that working from home can improve morale.

10. Access to a wider talent pool 

A key benefit for employers is that hiring remote workers means the talent pool isn’t confined to one geographical location. Companies can hire new international team members who are based anywhere, opening up a wider source of top talent. This strengthens the workforce and makes it more resilient, which ultimately improves performance across the entire organization. Accessing a wider talent pool can also help the organization to increase diversity and inclusivity.

Our take — Is it time to ditch your commute?

It’s clear that working remotely brings benefits to individual workers and their teams and organizations. If you want greater control over your working life and to set yourself up to perform at an even higher standard, switching to home working might be a great solution. Whether you’re keen to work from home full-time or you want the flexibility to choose whether you’re at home or the office, you can experience real benefits in terms of health, costs, and productivity.

If your company would like support with hiring remote workers, consider the support of a recruitment or employment agency which specializes in providing this kind of support. 


No. In some countries and states there is an obligation for employers to consider requests from employees to work remotely, but it is still a matter of employer discretion. 

Remote work is performed entirely from outside the office, whereas hybrid work is carried out partially from within the office. 

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