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2 min read

Papaya Global Unveils Mobile App to Enhance Employees Experience

Papaya Global Employees Mobile App


Papaya Global, a pioneering SaaS FinTech enterprise specializing in global payroll and payments technology, has proudly introduced its innovative mobile app as an integral component of its personalized portal suite.

Papaya Global Mobile App
Papaya Global Employees Mobile App

Papaya Global employees mobile app

The newly launched application (available on iOS) furnishes employees of Papaya’s clientele with a secure and seamless channel for accessing their payslips and pertinent work-related documents. This cutting-edge resource empowers individuals to exercise greater control over their financial matters, enabling them to conveniently manage their fiscal affairs at any time and from any location.

As statistics reveal that 53% of employees presently access their payslips through mobile devices, the significance of immediate and convenient payroll information accessibility cannot be overstated. Papaya’s pioneering mobile app effectively addresses this need by allowing employees to collate their historical payroll data, thereby augmenting their insight into and authority over their financial particulars. Notably, the application offers real-time notifications to alert users of newly available payslips. In the near future, users will enjoy expanded functionalities, such as the ability to view and modify their bank account particulars, in addition to availing a range of bespoke financial services and employment benefits.

Creating a unified employees experience

Eynat Guez, Papaya’s visionary co-founder and CEO, emphasized the importance of crafting a unified experience for the diverse global workforce. “Papaya’s bespoke mobile app positions payroll management squarely in the hands of employees. This marks yet another stride in the advancement of our end-to-end global payroll payments strategy,” Guez affirmed. She further elaborated, “In an era where our mobile devices serve as indispensable hubs for work, communication, and leisure, it is only logical to extend their utility to encompass financial management and transactions, with payroll occupying a pivotal role. This pioneering solution is a testament to our ongoing commitment to empowering clients in providing their teams with optimal tools to simplify their lives and exert command over their payroll particulars.”


In addition to its core functionalities, the app also affords users convenient access to Papaya’s dedicated support team and a comprehensive FAQ section. Upholding stringent security measures, the app fully supports Single Sign-On (SSO), permitting employees to securely employ their existing Papaya personal portal credentials alongside cutting-edge biometric authentication methods.

Article By
Travis is a global business development advisor. He has spent the last 14 years supporting business establishment and development in North America, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. With multiple degrees from the University of Oregon, Travis currently splits his time between the US, and Bali, Indonesia.At RemotePad, Travis writes about remote work, hiring internationally and PEO/EOR business models.

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