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2 min read

Unifying Global Teams Under One Roof with Deel’s Innovative Solutions: Presenting PEO, US Payroll, and Payroll Connect

Deel HR Platform
2 min read

Unifying Global Teams Under One Roof with Deel’s Innovative Solutions: Presenting PEO, US Payroll, and Payroll Connect

In a business landscape characterized by distributed teams across various geographies, the demand for a consolidated platform for seamlessly managing global workforces is more pressing than ever. Catering to this need, Deel unveils its revolutionary integration of PEO, US Payroll, and Global Payroll facilities, alongside free HRIS amenities and employer-of-record services, promising to redefine how US and international teams collaborate and operate.

Simplified Workforce Management with Deel’s PEO and Payroll Solutions

As of September 14, 2023, San Francisco-based Deel breaks new ground in the HR sector, providing companies both large and small with the toolset to not only compliantly hire but also efficiently manage and remunerate their diverse teams under a unified system.

An Unrivaled HR Experience

By consolidating an extensive range of essential HR services into a single, user-friendly platform, Deel endeavors to simplify the multi-faceted processes that companies navigate daily. The new US PEO feature is designed for smaller enterprises, offering an avenue to access industry-leading benefits at competitive prices. This is supplemented by US and Global Payroll solutions, which cater to larger corporations, setting the foundation for a truly interconnected global workforce.

This unprecedented amalgamation eliminates the reliance on multiple HR systems, which can range between 6 and 20, to manage global teams, offering a one-stop solution for businesses to remain competitive and provide employees with world-class benefits, including healthcare. Deel empowers businesses to negotiate group rates for 401(k) savings plans and worker compensation, promoting financial efficiency and operational competitiveness.

A Track Record of Excellence

Demonstrating an impressive trajectory, Deel facilitated payments exceeding $4 billion to a vast array of workers globally in 2022. This figure has been surpassed remarkably in the current year, evidence of the platform’s robust capabilities and its commitment to facilitating seamless payroll processes around the clock. Iconic brands such as Klarna,, and Reebok vouch for Deel’s efficiency, relying on its services to streamline their payroll systems worldwide.

A Game-Changer in the Global HR Landscape

Pete A. Tiliakos, the revered industry analyst, and founder of GxT Advisors, commends Deel’s integrated approach. He regards the incorporation of US PEO services as a seamless extension of Deel’s existing portfolio, providing emerging organizations with a comprehensive solution to meet their evolving human capital needs through a unified platform.

Comprehensive Features for Every Business Need

Whether you are a budding startup targeting the US market or a multinational corporation seeking to consolidate various payroll systems, Deel stands prepared with a tailored solution to meet your requirements. Key offerings include:

  • Deel PEO: This service facilitates the transfer of US payroll, HR, and other administrative responsibilities to Deel, enabling businesses to focus on growth while ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.
  • US Payroll & Benefits Administration: Streamlining the payroll process, this feature offers rapid and compliant payment solutions for US teams, incorporating seamless tax calculations and direct deposits.
  • Deel Payroll Connect: Part of the Global Payroll solution, this facilitates a universal view of your global payroll operations, combining data from various sources into one comprehensive report.

A Revolutionary HR Platform

Deel stands alone in offering this potent integration of PEO, US Payroll, Global Payroll, and free HRIS, all geared towards facilitating efficient employee and contractor onboarding processes.


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Reece is RemotePad’s finance and accounting specialist. Reece is the go-to contributor when RemotePad advises on the financial implications of remote work and hiring employees, locally and internationally. Based in the southern New Zealand city of Dunedin, Reece has a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting, from the University of Otago.