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Romania Employer of Record (Romania EOR)

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding what a Professional Employer Organization is and how it operates in Romania.
  • Analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of a Romanian Employer of Record.
  • Unveiling the top five leading Romanian Employers of Record: Deel, Remote, Horizons, Bradford Jacobs, and Remofirst.
  • Answering frequently asked questions about Romanian Employers of Record.

What is a Romania Employer of Record?

A Romania Employer of Record (EoR) or a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) refers to a company or organization that provides comprehensive HR solutions for companies. These PEOs are used to hire employees on behalf of companies, specifically in countries where the company may not have a legal entity or physical presence. The EoR is therefore responsible for managing the employment contracts, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, processing payroll, handling tax issues, and providing other HR services. They function as a form of co-employment, where the EoR becomes the legal employer, yet the day-to-day management and work directions remain with the client company.

How does a Romania Employer of Record work?

Romanian Employers of Record, like PEOs elsewhere, navigate the complexities of the local legal and business landscape to assist international companies. They handle the legal and administrative responsibilities associated with employment in Romania, allowing foreign companies to focus on their operational aspects.

When a company contracts an EoR, they hand over the administrative, HR, and legal employment responsibilities to the EoR. The EoR then hires the required staff in its name on behalf of the company. The hired employees sign a contract with the EoR but carry out tasks set by the client company. This arrangement ensures that the foreign company remains compliant with Romanian labor laws and employment regulations without needing to establish a legal entity in Romania.

What are the benefits of a Romania Employer of Record?

Several advantages come with using a Romanian EoR:

  1. Compliance: EoRs are experts in Romanian employment law and handle all employment-related compliance matters.
  2. Efficiency: EoRs streamline HR processes, making it faster and easier for foreign companies to hire in Romania.
  3. Cost-effective: Setting up a legal entity in a foreign country can be costly and time-consuming. EoRs eliminate this need.
  4. Risk Mitigation: The EoR absorbs many employment-related risks, providing a safer route for companies to expand into Romania.

What are the disadvantages of a Romania Employer of Record?

Despite the many benefits, there can be potential drawbacks to using a Romanian EoR:

  1. Less Control: While the client company directs daily work, they may have less control over HR processes and administrative matters.
  2. Dependence: Companies might become reliant on the EoR for their operations in Romania, which could be problematic if issues arise with the EoR.
  3. Hidden Costs: Some EoRs might have additional costs not covered in the initial agreement.

Top 5 Leading the Romania Employer of Record

  1. Deel: With its cutting-edge HR tech platform, Deel has streamlined the process of international hiring, making it an attractive EoR for companies eyeing the Romanian market.
  2. Remote: Remote’s comprehensive suite of employment services and its strong commitment to ensuring legal compliance makes it a reliable EoR in Romania.
  3. Horizons: Horizons has years of experience in the Romanian market and offers an extensive range of professional services that go beyond HR solutions.
  4. Bradford Jacobs: This EoR is known for its expertise in European markets, offering in-depth guidance and services to navigate the Romanian labor market.
  5. Remofirst: Remofirst offers strong localized support, making it a good choice for companies that need a hands-on approach in Romania.


Using an EoR, like Deel, Remote, Horizons, Bradford Jacobs, or Remofirst, is an efficient, cost-effective, and safe method for companies to expand into Romania. While there are potential drawbacks, the benefits far outweigh them, especially for companies that lack the resources or expertise to navigate the Romanian employment landscape independently.


No, it's not mandatory. However, without a registered entity in Romania, it's difficult to hire compliantly. An EoR provides an easy solution to this problem.

The timeline varies depending on the EoR and the specifics of the role. Generally, the process can take a few days to a few weeks. It's faster than setting up a legal entity, which can take several months.