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New Zealand PEO: Benefits & Best Services in 2024

VERDICT: The best New Zealand PEO in 2024 is Horizons. Horizons leads the New Zealand PEO industry with its HR expertise and support on the ground in New Zealand to support international companies.  

Key Takeaways

  • A New Zealand Professional Employer Organization (PEO) hires employees on your behalf in New Zealand. They take care of payroll, onboarding and compliance. 
  • A New Zealand PEO can help international companies save on the cost of hiring in New Zealand, and ensure that all local rules are complied with. 
  • The top 5 PEOs in New Zealand in 2024 are Horizons, NZPEO, Deel, Remote and Safeguard Global

A New Zealand Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is the administrative co-employer for your New Zealand-based team. They take care of payroll, HR and employer compliance so you can focus on core business.

If you are interested in hiring employees in New Zealand, read on to find out how a New Zealand PEO can help you

Why Expand Into and Hire in New Zealand?

Business expansion and hiring in New Zealand is an appealing prospect for many New Zealand businesses. 

New Zealand is renowned for its business-friendly environment, underscored by its ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, where it has consistently held a top position. This ranking reflects the country’s efficient regulatory environment, transparent business practices, and robust legal framework, which collectively reduce the bureaucratic hurdles and risks often associated with international expansion.

Furthermore, New Zealand boasts a high level of education among its workforce. According to the OECD, over 40% of adults in New Zealand have attained tertiary education, which is higher than the OECD average. This well-educated workforce is a boon for businesses requiring skilled labor and innovative thinking, especially in sectors like technology, research and development, and specialized manufacturing.

Video: The Resilience of the New Zealand Economy

What is a New Zealand PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

In New Zealand, a PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. However, it’s worth noting that the term “PEO” is more commonly used in the United States, while a similar concept in New Zealand is known as an employer services provider or employer solutions provider.

An New Zealand PEO acts as a co-employer, taking on certain employer responsibilities and providing comprehensive HR services to client companies. This arrangement allows businesses to focus on their core operations while the employer services provider handles tasks such as payroll administration, employee benefits, compliance with labor laws, and other HR-related functions.

The specific services offered by employer services providers in New Zealand may vary, but they generally aim to streamline HR processes, ensure compliance with employment regulations, and provide support in areas such as recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management, and employee training

A New Zealand PEO solution is similar to a New Zealand Employer of Record solution. You can read more about that type of HR service in our New Zealand EOR guide. 

Top 5 New Zealand PEO

The top 5 New Zealand PEOs in 2024 are:

  1. Horizons: Horizons is an international PEO with a New Zealand office and local entity. They offer HR and employment solutions to businesses, including HR consulting, payroll administration, compliance support, and recruitment services. 
  2. NZPEO: NZPEO (New Zealand PEO) is a PEO service provider based in New Zealand. NZPEO offer a range of employer services to assist businesses with their HR needs.
  3. Deel: Deel is a global employment services platform that provides employer solutions to businesses in various countries, including New Zealand. Their services include payroll, compliance, and contractor management, aiming to simplify and streamline employment processes for businesses.
  4. Remote: Remote is another global employment services platform that offers HR and employer solutions in multiple countries, including New Zealand. They provide services such as international payroll, global benefits, and assistance with compliance and legal matters. 
  5. Safeguard Global: Safeguard Global is a multinational employer services provider that offers HR, payroll, and compliance solutions across different countries, including New Zealand. Their services aim to help businesses expand globally and manage their international workforce effectively. 

What does a New Zealand PEO do?

An NZ PEO takes care of the following tasks: 

  1. Payroll Administration: The NZ PEO handles payroll processing, ensuring accurate and timely payment of wages, salaries, and related taxes. They may also assist with leave management and maintaining employee records. See image below to see how the New Zealand tax authority (Inland Revenue) manages employee taxes through the payroll portal
  2. HR Compliance: The PEO can help businesses navigate the complex landscape of employment laws and regulations in New Zealand. They stay updated on changes in legislation and ensure that the client company remains compliant with employment standards, including minimum wage requirements, holiday entitlements, and employment contracts.
  3. Employee Benefits: The PEO may offer access to employee benefits programs such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, and other perks. They can assist with plan selection, enrollment, and administration of these benefits.
  4. Recruitment and Onboarding: The PEO may provide support in attracting and hiring new employees. This can involve advertising job vacancies, conducting candidate screenings, and assisting with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition for new hires.
  5. HR Consulting: Employer services providers may offer HR consulting services to assist with various HR functions. This can include guidance on employee performance management, disciplinary processes, workplace policies and procedures, and employee development.
    Employment Documentation: The PEO can help with the creation and maintenance of employment contracts, job descriptions, and HR policies. They may also handle documentation related to terminations, resignations, and other employment changes.
  6. Employee Relations Support: The PEO may provide advice and support in managing employee relations issues, such as grievances, disputes, or disciplinary actions. They can offer guidance on best practices and help ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees.
  7. Visa Support: An NZ PEO may be able to help your company with sponsoring an employee for a New Zealand work permit. 

Managing New Zealand Payroll Tax through MyIR

Employer tax administration in New Zealand

Engage a New Zealand PEO for your in-country hiring

Global companies interested in hiring in New Zealand should consider the benefits of using an international PEO with New Zealand operations. It saves business time, and money, and ensures full compliance with New Zealand laws. 

Read more about the best PEO providers in our top 10 PEO guide. 


These are similar concepts, and some companies do use the terms interchangeably. Traditionally, a PEO becomes the co-employer of employees, whereas an Employer of Record (EOR) becomes the legal employer, so takes on more liability than a PEO would. 

New Zealand PEOs have different charging models, but expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1200 per employee per month.