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Ireland PEO: Benefits & Best Services in 2024

A PEO in Ireland is a third-party HR company that acts as a co-employer for your team in Ireland. This means businesses can outsource their HR and payroll responsibilities while retaining control over day-to-day operations and decision-making related to their employees. 

Key Takeaways

  • PEOs in Ireland offer comprehensive HR, payroll, and compliance services.
  • They enable businesses to quickly adapt to local employment regulations.
  • The Top 3 PEOs in Ireland are Horizons, Mauve and Deel.  

Overview of Ireland PEO Services

In Ireland, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) facilitate the expansion of businesses into the Irish market through comprehensive HR solutions and compliance assurance.

An Ireland PEO is similar to an Ireland Employer of Record (EOR) solution and the two terms are commonly used interchangeably

Definition of PEO

A Professional Employer Organization is a firm that enables companies to outsource their employee management tasks, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and regulatory compliance. This arrangement allows businesses to focus on their core operations while the PEO manages employment-related responsibilities.

Significance of PEOs in Ireland

Ireland’s friendly corporate environment makes it a magnet for international companies; consequently, PEOs play a crucial role in helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of local employment laws and taxation. With expertise in local regulations, PEOs offer an essential gateway for businesses to tap into the Irish economy without establishing a legal entity. Companies benefit from the strategic access to the European Union’s market that PEOs provide, leveraging favourable tax conditions and pro-business policies present in Ireland.

Top 3 Ireland PEOs

1. Horizons

Horizons is a premier European and global PEO with a strong presence throughout the region. With an in-house recruitment department, Horizons can also source top Irish talent in this buoyant employment market. 

💡 Horizons EOR services being from $299+ per employee per month. 

2. Mauve Group

Mauve provides full PEO and employment consultancy support in Ireland to ensure your Irish expansion succeeds. With payroll, independent contractor and project management services, alongside its PEO solution, Mauve provides a full Irish expansion service. 

💡 Pricing available by custom quote. 

3. Deel

Deel is a global PEO providing employment outsourcing services in 150+ countries. Deel’s biggest drawcard is the ‘Deel HR’ platform that allows client companies to easily oversee all their regular employees, EOR employees and contractors. 

💡 EOR prices start from $599 per employee, per month. 

Leading Ireland PEO, Mauve Group, on Ireland Business Expansion

Benefits of Using a PEO in Ireland

When companies partner with a Professional Employer Organization in Ireland, they gain significant advantages such as ensuring legal compliance, streamlining business expansion, managing human resources effortlessly, and mitigating risks effectively.

1. Ease of Business Expansion

For businesses aiming to establish or expand their presence in Ireland, PEOs facilitate a faster market entry. They allow companies to hire local talent without the need to set up a local entity, thus accelerating business growth

2. Human Resource Management

PEOs streamline HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration. This enables companies to focus on their core business tasks. For example, Horizons offers guidance in complying with Ireland’s employment regulations and ensures payroll is processed in accordance with the standard payroll periods.

3. Risk Management

By sharing employer liabilities, PEOs minimize the risks associated with employment law compliance and the handling of sensitive employee information. They stay informed about regulatory changes and take measures to address potential HR risks proactively

4. Compliance with Local Laws

Navigating the complex landscape of Irish employment legislation is a vital benefit offered by PEOs. They ensure that employment practices are fully compliant with local laws, which in turn reduces legal exposure. An Ireland PEO will support client companies with employer tax compliance. 

Employer Tax Portal Ireland
Ireland PEOs Support Companies through Payroll Tax Filing


How to Choose the Right Ireland PEO

Choosing the right Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Ireland involves considering experience, agreements, and cost structures to ensure a beneficial partnership.

1. Assessing PEO Experience and Reputation

When evaluating a PEO’s experience, consider their track record in Ireland’s unique business environment. Look into their client testimonials and case studies to understand the depth of their expertise in local compliance and employment laws. Ensure they have a robust presence within Ireland and a history of navigating post-Brexit business challenges, as observed on Expert Guide.

2. Understanding the Service Agreement

Before entering into a partnership, review the service agreement thoroughly. It should outline all responsibilities, including global payroll, compliance, and taxation. Check for transparency in the services offered, and how they propose to support your expansion and hiring strategies, highlighted by providers such as Skuad.

3. Evaluating Cost Structures

Examine the PEO’s pricing models carefully. They should provide clear breakdowns of costs, which could include a flat fee or a percentage of employee salaries. Understanding the minimum salary requirements and any potential misclassification penalties, as detailed by an Ireland Employer of Record, is also crucial when considering the overall financial impact on your business.

Legal Considerations for PEOs in Ireland

Professional Employer Organizations operating in Ireland must navigate complex employment legislation and adhere to stringent tax and payroll regulations.

1. Employment Laws and Regulations

In Ireland, PEOs are subject to the same Employment Rights and Protections as any other employer, which includes compliance with the Employment Equality Acts, the Unfair Dismissals Acts, and the Organisation of Working Time Act. They must ensure Fair Treatment for employees regarding contracts, working hours, and leave entitlements. For instance, the statutory minimum leave is 4 weeks paid vacation per year, and the maximum average working week is 48 hours.

2. Tax Implications and Payroll Compliance

Taxation for Employers in Ireland involves adhering to the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system for income tax deductions, as well as making accurate PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance) and USC (Universal Social Charge) contributions. A PEO must ensure Payroll Accuracy, filing monthly returns through the Revenue Online Service (ROS) and providing employees with a payslip that details their gross-to-net wages and applicable deductions.

Operational Aspects of Ireland PEOs

Ireland PEOs streamline complex employment processes for businesses looking to operate in Ireland. They ensure compliance, operational efficiency, and support for human resources management.

1. Employee Onboarding Processes

Ireland PEOs facilitate the employee onboarding process by ensuring that new hires are introduced to their roles effectively and legally. They prepare employment contracts that comply with Irish labor laws, arrange for proper tax registration, and set up mandatory local insurance. These organizations also handle work permit and visa applications if necessary, ensuring a smooth start for international employees.

2. Payroll and Benefits Administration

Payroll and benefits administration is a critical service provided by PEOs. They manage regular payroll processing, including tax withholdings and reporting to the relevant Irish authorities. Furthermore, PEOs administer employee benefits, such as:

  • Health Insurance: Negotiation and management of group policies.
  • Retirement Plans: Setup and maintenance of compliant pension schemes.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Tracking and managing annual leave and public holidays.

These functions are carried out with attention to detail, ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time, while benefits are administered as per local regulations.

3. Termination and Redundancy Procedures

Termination and redundancy procedures demand careful legal consideration. Ireland PEOs handle these processes by providing guidance on best practices and ensuring compliance with Irish employment laws. This includes calculating statutory redundancy payments, conducting exit interviews, and preparing final paychecks that reflect any accrued benefits or leave. They also assist with the drafting and delivery of termination notices and severance arrangements, reducing legal risks for businesses.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide tailored HR services that cater to the unique needs of various sectors. These industry-focused solutions ensure compliance, effective human resource management, and streamlined payroll services.

PEOs for Tech Startups

Tech startups benefit immensely from PEO services as they navigate rapid growth and the demands of innovation. PEOs specialize in handling the dynamic HR requirements of the tech industry, such as competitive benefit packages to attract top talent and ensuring compliance with local and international labor laws.

  • Benefits Management: Offering customizable benefit solutions to remain competitive in the tech talent market.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring startups adhere to evolving technology labor laws.

PEOs for Pharmaceutical Companies

For pharmaceutical companies, PEOs offer compliance expertise that is critical in a highly regulated industry. With the complexities of manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals, PEOs provide dedicated support for workforce management and regulatory adherence.

  • Workforce Management: Streamlining the recruitment and training processes specific to the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Legal Compliance: Assisting with industry-specific labor laws and regulations to mitigate risk.

Through these specialized services, PEOs enable companies in the tech and pharmaceutical industries to focus on their core business objectives without the added strain of HR complexities.

Engaging an Ireland PEO Solution

An Ireland PEO can support your expansion and hiring in Ireland by becoming the administrative co-employer for your team in Ireland. Having assessed dozens of Ireland PEOs, our top 3 Ireland PEOs are Horizons, Mauve Group and Deel

Frequently Asked Questions

They are similar. An Ireland Employer of Record (EOR) solution becomes the legal employer for your Ireland-based team, whereas the Ireland PEO becomes the co-employer. It is common for global PEOs to use these terms interchangeably. 

Some Ireland PEOs offer global mobility services as an additional solution. Through this service they can support visas for your Ireland team. 

Milly is an international lawyer and tech entrepreneur who has advised companies on expanding globally for over 5 years. She is an advocate of remote hiring and regularly consults on future of work matters. Milly founded RemotePad to help employers learn more about building and growing international teams.