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France EOR (Employer of Record)

A France Employer of Record (EOR) is a service that acts as the legal employer for workers in France, handling payroll, benefits, HR compliance, and administrative tasks. It allows businesses to engage employees in France without establishing a local entity.

What is a France Employer of Record?

A France Employer of Record (EOR) is a type of Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that is the official employer for tax purposes. At the same time, the employee performs work at a different company. In France, the EOR handles all labor law-related issues, taxation, and payroll, while businesses can focus on their core operations.

These organizations are instrumental when companies want to expand their workforce into France without setting up a legal entity or navigating the complexities of French labor laws and regulations. An EOR in France can fast-track a company’s international expansion by providing them with ready-made HR, legal, and payroll infrastructures.

How does a France EOR work?

The operation of an EOR in France is based on co-employment. The EOR becomes the official employer for tax and legal purposes, while the client company retains control over the employee’s daily tasks and responsibilities.

First, a contractual arrangement is made between the client company and the EOR, where the EOR agrees to take over HR and payroll responsibilities. The EOR then hires the employees on behalf of the client company. This includes drafting employment contracts compliant with French labor law, setting up payroll, and dealing with employment taxes and social security contributions.

Furthermore, EORs also handle various HR tasks such as administering employee benefits, managing sick leave and holiday pay and providing employment termination support if required. They keep track of changes in local labor laws to ensure compliance at all times, thereby protecting the client company from potential legal and financial risks.

What are the benefits of a France Employer of Record?

There are numerous benefits to using a France EOR. Here are a few:

Simplifies Expansion: FranceEORs facilitate easy and fast business expansion into France by removing the need for companies to establish a legal entity in the country.

Regulatory Compliance: EORs ensure compliance with France’s complex labor laws, taxation norms, and employment regulations, mitigating legal risks.

Cost-Effective: Outsourcing HR and payroll tasks to an EOR can lead to substantial cost savings, as companies don’t need to invest in creating these infrastructures.

Focus on Core Business: With administrative tasks handled by the EOR, businesses can concentrate on their core operations and strategies.

What are the disadvantages of a France Employer of Record?

While there are many benefits, it’s also essential to acknowledge potential disadvantages of using a France EOR:

  1. Limited Control: Although the client company controls the employee’s daily work, the EOR has significant control over HR policies and employment terms.
  2. Dependence: Businesses may become reliant on the EOR for understanding regulatory changes and managing employment issues.
  3. Costs: While an EOR can save overhead costs in the long run, the initial cost of engaging an EOR can be substantial.


Employers of Record in France offer a practical solution for businesses looking to expand their presence in the country without the hassle of dealing with complicated labor laws and regulations. While there are a few potential disadvantages, the benefits of employing a France EOR significantly outweigh them. Top players such as Lano, Horizons, Employer of Recordple2.0, Globalization Partners, and Remote offer unique advantages that make them top choices for businesses.


Yes, a France EOR can manage the employee benefits package, ensuring it aligns with local regulations and expectations. This includes managing health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, and more.

Yes, established businesses can also use an EOR to manage their HR and payroll operations, providing more time to focus on core business activities. An EOR can also help manage complexities arising from changing labor laws and regulations.

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