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The 11 Best Staffing Agencies In the US Compared

The 10 Best Staffing Agencies In the US Compared

Top 11 US Staffing Agencies

What we looked for 

Staffing agencies provide temporary and permanent staff to companies to fulfill various needs. Some staffing companies also provide a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service to handle co-employment responsibilities, while others partner with a PEO.  Choosing the best staffing agency for your business is a matter of finding the right fit from all the options.

Our Top 11 staffing agencies range from large global workforce suppliers to specialized national companies focusing on specific industries.

To learn more about how RemotePad assesses providers, check out our review methodology

Best Staffing Agencies

Best Full-Stack Staffing Agency

1. Randstad

Randstad the best international recruitment agency

Randstad is one of the world’s largest and most respected staffing companies, serving businesses of any size and industry. 

Key Features

Randstad has a massive footprint with over 4,800 offices in 30 countries. It fulfills 650,000 yearly staffing, outsourcing, recruitment, and professional placements.

Randstad provides high-volume labor for manufacturing, with on-site management available through its in-house services. It provides staffing, management, and specialist placements for many industries but focuses mainly on IT, engineering, and finance.

Additional services include Managed Services Programs (MSP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), payroll processing, outsourcing, and outplacement services.

Randstad also offers Relavate, an HR management software suite. Relavate provides talent searches, reference checking, candidate matching, workforce scheduling, and an HR portal for administrative tasks.


Benefits of choosing Randstad as your US staffing company include: 

  • A massive staff database with millions of candidates
  • A well-established reputation as a trusted staffing agency both in the US and internationally 
  • Payroll processing is available as an outsourced payroll solution
  • HR Management software is available to manage the entire HR process. 


Services may be more than is needed by medium-sized companies looking for niche skills.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Randstad is one of the few staffing agencies with a comprehensive HR platform and Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 


Large international manufacturing or IT engineering firms will benefit from Randstad’s thorough offerings. With its full services stack, Randstad can help companies set up new offices or departments quickly and smoothly.

Best for Finance Industry

2. ManpowerGroup

Manpower Group Staffing

While providing staff across the board, Manpower’s specialty is providing a workforce in the IT and finance industries.

Key Features

ManpowerGroup boasts over 70 years of experience, 33,000 employees, 3,000 branches, and operations in 82 countries. It provides temporary staffing, training, outplacement, permanent placement, and executive search services.

ManpowerGroup consists of three divisions: Manpower, Talent Solutions, and Experts:

  • Manpower provides staffing solutions for business professionals, engineering, finance, life science, and supply chains.
  • Talent Solutions specializes in workforce consulting, analytics, and insights. It provides recruitment services and custom HR consulting.
  • Experts focus on IT staffing, IT project solutions, and managed services. Its primary expertise is business transformation, cloud and infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital workspace, and enterprise applications.


Benefits of working with Manpower include

  • A global reputation — Manpower has been listed as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies ten times.
  • Extensive global coverage
  • Specialist IT staffing support‘Experts’ division focused on IT
  • HR consulting services available


Manpower does not aim to provide staffing support in all industries or, in particular, does not explicitly provide staff in the warehousing, light, or construction services industries. 

Unique Selling Point (USP)

ManpowerGroup provides extra workforce consulting and analytics support, which is different for a staffing company. 


ManpowerGroup is an excellent choice for IT companies with global supply chains. Outsourcing recruitment and HR and hiring project-based teams benefits those wishing to grow quickly.

Best for International Staffing

3. The Adecco Group

Adecco website home page

The Adecco Group, through its subsidiaries worldwide, means a US company can engage just one global for its international staffing needs. 

Key Features

Adecco is the largest staffing company in the world, employing over 33,000 people in over 60 countries. It offers permanent placement, outplacement, recruitment, and executive search, but its greatest strength is temporary staffing.

The Adecco Group also includes several sister companies offering their specialized staffing services:

  • Adia provides retail and eCommerce, warehouse, manufacturing, cleaning and facilities services, and customer service staff in the US and Switzerland.
  • Akkodis provides tech and engineering staff for the automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, energy and clean technology, banking and financial services, information communication technology, manufacturing and logistics, and life sciences and health industries. It serves labor markets in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and China.
  • LHH Recruitment Solutions provides global recruitment and talent development services through its group of subsidiary brands.


Some benefits of working with Adecco include: 

  • A temp staffing specialty — the most extensive network for pre-screened temp staffing candidates
  • Upskilling — strong support and training for temporary workers.


Some services are not available worldwide

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Adecco Group’s sister companies provide specialized staffing services (e.g., one company for e-commerce and retail, one for tech and engineering) while still under the umbrella of one provider, simplifying global vendor management. 


Adecco is an excellent choice for multinational companies looking for a one-stop solution for staffing offices, manufacturing, and warehouses in multiple countries.

Best for Profesionnal Services

4. Robert Half International

Robert Half Staffing
Robert Half — Best for Professional Services (image: Robert Half)

Robert Half, one of the oldest staffing companies, focuses on professional services, admin, and creative staff sourcing. HR outsourcing and consultancy capabilities broaden Robert Half’s services compared to many other providers. 

Key Features

Rober Half was founded in 1948 and provides staffing, consulting, executive search, permanent placement services, HR, drug testing, and outsourcing.

It focuses on the administrative, legal, accounting, financial, technology, marketing, and creative fields. Robert Half has over 400 offices worldwide and has been listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

Through its subsidiary, Protiviti, Robert Half offers custom-managed solutions as well. Protiviti is a global consulting firm with over 4,500 professional consultants.


  • HR Outsourcing is available to complement their staffing services
  • Reputable and well-established company


Specialization means it will be less suitable for light industry or construction.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

The combination of staffing and consultancy services allows companies to plan and manage their global workforce through one partner. 


Global companies staffing offices worldwide will find Robert Half time-saving and helpful. Protiviti’s managed solutions will also help open or expand offices and take on projects in new markets.

Best for Visa Support

5. Kforce

KForce Staffing Solutions

Kforce supports the IT and finance fields, and helps companies of all sizes relocate overseas staff to the United States. 

Key Features

Kforce is a specialized staffing firm in IT, finance, and accounting.

Kforce also features some unique offerings like team solutions. Its consultant teams can help businesses develop specialized technological systems to solve unique problems, monitor and report on the status of various projects within an organization, or recruit and onboard a team of consultants to fulfill project goals.

It also specializes in bringing top international talent to the US. When international professionals are matched with US employers, Kforce helps secure visa sponsorship. 


Benefits of engaging Kforce for staffing include:

  • Specialized focus provides various services to solve complex staffing issues, especially in the IT industry.
  • Project solutions help companies complete large and difficult projects without hiring new permanent teams.


Limited fields of expertise — no solutions for staffing in construction or light manufacturing industries


A great choice for IT companies that wish to source global talent and need help with the immigration process.

To learn more about how staffing companies can help with visa and relocation processes, check out our guide to global mobility. 

Best for Trades and Manufacturing

6. Integrity Staffing Solutions

Integrity Staffing
Integrity Staffing — Best for Trades (image: Integrity)

Integrity is a US company focused on high-volume staffing, labor-hire and trades, and temp staff.   

Key Features

Integrity provides staff for warehouses, light industry, clerical and administrative positions, professional positions, and skilled trades.

It specializes in light industry and logistics, e-commerce, and call center industries.

Integrity focuses on high-volume staffing and boasts of having the most extensive temporary talent pool in the US.

Integrity offers Vendor Management Systems and Managed Service Provider solutions for companies with multiple staffing agencies to streamline management, recruitment, onboarding, and candidate assessment.


Benefits of working with Integrity include:

  • A focus on high-volume staffing — helpful for companies with extensive hiring needs
  • Temp support is an excellent choice for companies needing temporary staffing cover. 


Limited industry specializations

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Integrity focused on temp and high-volume staffing, making it particularly useful for companies with immediate or emergency staffing needs. 


Retail fulfillment or light industry companies that require high-volume staffing will appreciate Integrity’s services. Those already working with multiple vendors will find the Vendor Management System useful.

Best for Regional Staffing Agency

7. City Personnel

City Personnel
City Personnel

City Personnel is a leading staffing agency in Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It covers all major industry verticals, including admin, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, and manufacturing. 

Whether you need temporary staffing or longer-term support, City Personnel can help. 

Key features

City Personnel supports your business through the following services:

  • Temp hires, when you need immediate support and don’t see the position as ongoing.
  • Temp-to-perm, where you want to evaluate the risk of hiring before committing to anything long-term. 
  • Direct hire, where you want to hire the employee directly.
  • Payroll services, where you already have staff but want to outsource responsibility for processing payroll. 
  • Executive Search, where you seek help to recruit top talent. 


City Personnel can support your company through:

  • Industry breadth. City Personnel can source staff in virtually any industry vertical. 
  • Flexibility of staffing solutions. They can cover temp staffing, direct hires, payroll-only, and more. 
  • Regional specialization. A boutique service focused on supporting companies in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. 


City Personnel is region-specific and does not cover the entire country.


City Personnel is the ideal choice for companies in the region searching for an exceptional local staffing partner. With a range of recruitment, staffing, and payroll solutions, they can support your business, no matter your size or industry.

8. True Blue

TrueBlue Staffing
TrueBlue Staffing — Best for International Staffing (image: TrueBlue)

TrueBlue is a corporate group combining a range of sister companies specializing in different industries. Its services are a good fit for companies that need to hire across several specific niches of expertise. 

Key features

TrueBlue fulfills the staffing needs of different industries through focused subsidiary companies:

  • PeopleReady serves general labor, construction, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics, marine, transportation, warehousing and distribution, and waste and recycling industries.
  • Peoplescout provides recruitment services focusing on financial services, aviation, food manufacturing, hospitality, communications, clinical research, healthcare, and environmental industries.
  • Staff Management | SMX provides high-volume temporary labor for e-commerce and retail fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing.
  • Centerline offers logistics and transportation staffing solutions.
  • Osimos specializes in supply chain staff to the distribution, eCommerce, light manufacturing, returns, grocery, consumable goods, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and kitting industries.

TrueBlue boosts its staffing and recruitment services by offering vendor management systems, time and attendance software, and safety training solutions.


Specialized subsidiary companies provide services to specific industries


Searching through a large group of companies is less intuitive than a single platform.


With companies specializing in specific industries, niche talent will be easier to find. Supply chain companies will find their services especially useful.

Best for Construction and Contracting

9. Aerotek

Aerotek HomePage

Aerotek supports companies throughout the US in the construction industry and trades, boasting 250 offices and recruiting centers. 

Key features

Aerotek specializes in staffing for light industry, skilled trades, and construction. Its nationwide recruiting centers and 250 offices throughout the US are able to support high-volume recruiting needs, and supply workers with niche technical skills.

It also provides managed contract staff for industrial maintenance, facilities management, construction, renewable energy, and equipment installation.

Other offerings include vendor on-premise solutions to analyze company needs and build a custom workforce, training services, health and safety compliance consultation, and implementation services for workforce transitions

Aerotek can act as a Master Supplier for national firms, overseeing national workforce needs and programs. 


Solution for national manufacturers and contractors


Specific industry focus does not cover IT, accounting and finance, and other office workers

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Subject matter expertise and a presence throughout the US means Aerotek is uniquely beneficial to nationwide US construction companies. 


A solid choice for large national manufacturers and construction companies.

Best for National Coverage

10. Spherion

Spherion — Best for National Coverage (image: Spherion)

Spherion supports companies with staffing, recruitment, and various HR needs.  

Key Features

In addition to staffing and recruitment services, Spherion offers HR consulting, as well as payroll and benefits administration.

The company has been operating in the United States for over 77 years and has over 700 offices around the country.

Spherion provides staffing for administrative and clerical departments, customer service and call centers, light industry, non-clinical healthcare, education support staff, finance and accounting, engineering and manufacturing, sales and marketing, IT, and hospitality.


  • Payroll and benefits administration, as well as its core staffing solution
  • HR consulting, for businesses seeking to outsource strategic HR functionality. 


Services are available in the US only.


Spherion is a reputable and well-established partner for growing US companies that have large staffing needs and wish to outsource their PR and recruitment tasks.

Best for Managed Services

11. Insight Global

Key Features

Insight Global provides staffing and recruitment services for a diverse group of industries; construction, creative, customer service, education, energy, engineering, financial services, government, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, IT, insurance, legal life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, and media.

Their additional services include culture consulting, diversity consulting, and managed services.

Through the Evergreen sub-brand, Insight Global offers managed services. Applications include contact care centers, operational support services, IT service management, desktop services, data and app engineering, technology operations services, agile services, cloud services, engineering support, GIS services, technical BPO and data services. The company prides itself on creating diverse teams of experts that can seamlessly transition into other roles at a client’s company upon completion of a project.


Benefits of Insight Global staffing solutions include:

  • Many industries covered — ideal for companies with staffing needs across multiple areas
  • Managed services available for businesses in need of further support. 


No HR consulting for businesses that need that service. 

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Insight Global’s managed support services means an unrivalled service for companies that need technical support alongside their staffing needs. 


Insight Global provides a wide range of staffing services within the United States. Their service will be especially useful for IT companies needing to assemble teams to complete large projects.

Best US staffing agencies — our take

Large global companies looking for a wide range of staffing solutions, from manufacturing to IT professionals, will benefit the most from Randstad and Adecco.

ManpowerGroup is in a similar market but does not cover manufacturing. Robert Half will also be a good choice for international companies, especially those that want help expanding.

National-size companies with large staffing needs will benefit from working with Spherion. For companies operating in Rhode Island or Southern Massachusetts, City Personnel is an ideal choice. 

Kforce provides the most specialization in IT and is unique in its ability to recruit, sponsor, and relocate global talent.

Insight Global has a wide range of staffing solutions and is a good choice for companies looking to develop new capabilities, complete large projects, or open new offices.

Supply chain, retail fulfillment, and light industry companies will find the most specialized staffing services through Integrity or TrueBlue.

For manufacturing and construction, Aerotek may be the best choice.

Ultimately, the best staffing agency for your business will be one that matches your needs, company culture, and industry. We hope this top ten list has helped narrow down the choices.

Article By
Managing Editor
Milly is an international lawyer and tech entrepreneur who has advised companies on expanding globally for over 5 years. She is an advocate of remote hiring and regularly consults on future of work matters. Milly founded RemotePad to help employers learn more about building and growing international teams.